Student maturity in Kenya

(JKUAT) (Jomo Kenyatta ) students have filed a lawsuit to stop their university from raising their fees by about 300%.

Previously they would have rioted, stoned some cars, fought with police and cause the university to be closed prematurely. Later they would be re-admitted, only to find out that they would have to repeat the aborted semester, pay for damages from the riot, and also pay the new fees they were disputing in the first place.

I wish them the best in their lawsuit, but universities have no choice but to increase revenues to pay for increasing lecturer and other learning costs.

3 thoughts on “Student maturity in Kenya

  1. nick

    i dont understand where uni students got the mentality that being in uni is the like the best thing ever and that that entitles them to have things go their own way.
    atleast we’ve seen an improvement in their mentality and attitude..but they stillhave a long way to go.

  2. Yuvaraj

    I have heard people saying that the cost of living in Kenya is less when compared to any other country. Then why is it reuqired to rasise suddenly 300% in fees. Though the developments have to made, its still high time to raise the fees of the students. Soon I guess the government would take a better decision.



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