Shares Portfolio May 2014

Compared to last quarter  and a year ago, since February, the portfolio is down 12% while the NSE 20 share index is up 2% this quarter. Compared to last May, the portfolio is up 17%. 

The Stable

Barclays ↑
Bralirwa (Rwanda) ↑
Centum  (ICDCI) ↑
Diamond Trust ↑
East African Portland Cement ↑
Kenya Airways  ↑
Kenya Oil ↑
Safaricom ↑
Scangroup ↑
Stanbic (Uganda) ↓
Unga ↑

  • In: None
  • Out: Equity Bank
  • Increase: Kenya Airways
  • Decrease: None
  • Best performers: Unga (up 46% this quarter), Portland Cement, 32%, Safaricom 10%
  • Worst performer: Scangroup (down 0.4% this quarter)
  • Barclays cutting back globally and re-aligning around four pillars, one of which is Africa growth.
  • Bralirwa profit dip (due to economic downturn and new taxes in the DRC)
  • Safaricom Academy student performs at the results
  • Safaricom’s super profits despite another challenging year, but which they ended with $1.7 billion in revenue and and $270 million in profits. The company chairman said that have been Kenya’s largest taxpayer for six straight years (paying $3.6 billion in taxes and fees in ten years) and you can be sure the government will support them, no matter how much the (floundering) competition complains. 

Looking Forward To

  • Kenya Airways getting four more Dreamliners from Boeing this year.
  • More M&A deals that involve listed companies like Centum who are still battling for control of Rea Vipingo.