Shares Portfolio August 2014

The Stable


Bralirwa (Rwanda) ↑

Diamond Trust Bank ↑

ICDCI (Centum) ↑

Kenya Airways ↓

Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) ↑

Kenya Oil Company (Kenol) ↓

Safaricom ↓

Scangroup ↓

Stanbic (Uganda) ↓

Unga ↑


  • Comparing the basket to one year ago, the portfolio, excluding new shares, is up 22% since May 2014 while the Nairobi Shares Exchange main index is up 5% over the same period.
  • Best Performer: Centum (up 36% in 3 months), KCB 23%
  • Worst Performer: Kenya Airways (down 15% in 3 months), Kenol -8%
  • In: NSE
  • Out: Barclays, Equity, Portland Cement
  • Increase: Diamond Trust, Centum, Kenya Airways
  • Decrease: None
  • Unexpected gains/losses:  Centum’s endless deal making.

4 thoughts on “Shares Portfolio August 2014

  1. Totobaya

    One question..what is going with Kenya Orchard?..2000% increase in a year and still going up? .I can not find any analysis on this are my last hope

  2. totobaya

    Glad to know I am not the only one mystified…I wish I had bought them when I thought they were undervalued at 2-3 Ksh a share..the plan was to accumulate between 750,000 to 1 million shares starting last year..I never implemented it.. I kick myself to this day..That would have been an easy million dollars as of close the market early this month. I really wish I knew what was driving this..this should be big news but very little analysis out there, unless I am missing something..I know of no other stock with such a rapid rise in price in the world…might be an excellent thesis topic for an MBA graduate student…

    Do you think Olympia Capital could be next to rally? What about Mumias?

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