Safaricom @ NSE Day 3

Wednesday 11/6

8,712 Safariom trades, with a turnover of Kshs. 1.27 billion ($20.4 million)
Price 7.00
High 7.10
Low 6.90
Last 7.00
Shares volume 180,879,400

Commentary: Very constructive session. Market is now underpinned at 7.00, support is 6.65. Demand side was robust today

Courtesy of Rich.Co.Ke [NSE data vendor]

Celtel Zambia:
From Bloomberg reports on day one of Celtel Zambia trading. Celtel Zambia, which sold 1.04 billion shares before listing for 640 kwacha ($0.20) apiece, climbed as much as 85 kwacha to 725 kwacha, according to Lusaka Stock Exchange data.

2 thoughts on “Safaricom @ NSE Day 3

  1. Anonymous

    Due to the T+3 trading system and T+1 (prompt) currently running on T+3, the number of shares traded in these three days is the total number of IPO shares ONLY sold..

    so about 7% (volume of day 1+2+3/10,000,000,000) of the 10,000,000,000 shares on offer have already been sold and created wealth of about 2bn ksh (slightly less than 3 bob in gains)

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