Safaricom Blues

Of late Safaricom leave me feeling ripped off. Their increase their already high tariffs, citing costs, even as they double their profits each year. In 2003 they were Kenya’s biggest tax payer – bigger than EABL or any oil company. They keep coming up with new services that mostly serve post-paid customers, while I’m sure the vast majority of their customers use pre-paid. In the last year, they have stopped their 2 shilling SMS, and late night (after 11 p.m.) cheap calls – as they roll out Safaricom online, Safaricom Office, stock exchange updates from GET iT 411 etc.

My beef mostly started with what Kenyan Pundit said about the inner-workings of the company. For some reason, I can’t use my Telkom calling card from my Safaricom (who are 60% by Telkom) cell phone, I have to find a phone booth to use it FREE.

Still, I’m getting my sister a phone line next week, and it will be Safaricom because most of her friends have Safaricom numbers, and hence it will be cheaper for her to communicate.

I don’t know if Celtel is better, but I’d like to have a choice of five or more mobile companies one day (true competition) I am yet to use simu ya jamii, but it appears that’s what Safaricom wants me to do.

2 thoughts on “Safaricom Blues

  1. M

    I was in Uganda two months ago and when it comes to mobile providers they are spolit for choice as they have five or so to choose from, including Celtel. I didn’t have time to find out if the quality of service and prices were reasonable, but I return shortly and among other things will do that

  2. Anonymous

    well also got beef with safaricom.of late network is poor in my rural area a place callled kagaa between githunguri and kimende in kiambu district.when they started it waas ok so whats happening?celtel is perfect and we are the laughing stock once in shaggs.and have you noticed of late how once you finish a call the phone hangs?you finish at 10 sec phone hangs and safaricom cuts the call at 43sec?

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