Safaricom 7s

Safaricom IPO Day 24: Commentary – Strong market rebound. Someone is buying everything up below 7.00. We have based out. Deals 3,070 Turnover 305.67 million [$4.63 m] Average 6.94 High 7.00 Low 6.80 Last7.00 Volume 44 million shares Commentary and data from – NSE data vendor [with Free real time prices between 0930 -1500]

End of day : 64.65 million Shares, closing at 6.95 (up 2.2%)

Celtel Kenya gets a new CEO (7th?) [Rene Meza from Paraguay] as Celtel wins an award for best telecoms operator in Africa at the 2008 Business in Africa Awards held in London.

Rift Valley Railways gets two new shareholders [Prime Fuels and Mirambo Holdings]. Meanwhile both Kenya and Uganda governments are getting impatient and workers went on strike [they have now just got their June salaries]

The Vision 2030 Delivery Secretariat is seeking – director general, directors [social & political pillars, enablers & macro, economic pillar, and Strategy, marketing, empowerment and communication] chief officer [monitoring and evaluation] officer [project finance] project accountant, executive secretary. apply to by 31/7

9 thoughts on “Safaricom 7s

  1. frankgats

    7 shillings per share would put safaricoms valuation to approximately 230 billion the math.bad deal. safaricom will have to trade well below 5 shillings soon.

  2. Marazzmatazz

    7th CEO for Celtel, for real? That is a massive top-head turnover in there – i wonder if the management have any sense of job security at this rate! Tried digging your email – couldn’t get it – (maza)

  3. coldtusker

    I wonder how much the new guys paid to get into RVR.

    It is a pity we can’t invest in such situations thru the NSE… riskier but more rewarding…

  4. adam23

    Actually, my question is, What is the intrinsic value of Safaricom?

    Hurray!! I got my refund today, after hefty phone calls and emails to D & B…..Wonder if it was all worth it, for us in diaspora and then the exchange rate..can’t win them all.

  5. adam cartwright

    either am in some state of deja vu ama i dont know because prime fuels and that other company have been on board rvr since 2005 when the idea was first mooted. so wats new about them banks?

  6. RO(wa dar)

    Hi Banks

    Rene Meza was here in Tanzania heading Tigo the which is no. 3 in the market after vodacom & celtel and did quiet a transformation his tenure here was refered to as a revolution.

    He brought in alot of young staff and doubled salaries and Tigo was leading in having the biggest marketing budget more than Vodacom the market leader.

    What I can say? Watch this guy he may just be their man…..he is 36 years btw….

    But again am reminded that Tz is not KE

    I welcome your thoughts…:)

  7. Anonymous

    I always wonder… can’t Africans run their own telcos (I speak as one).

    Guys should really search Kenya for a Kenyan n give them the challenge.

    oh n let’s not use the experience excuse, the CEO of SafcoN (yes, MJ) was prior to this position just “some techie” (his own words). Vodafone sent him over to see what he can do about their newly acquired operation and i think we all know what he has achieved. Now imagine if he had the added benefit of local knowledge?

    C’est fou!

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