Safaricom 5s

Safaricom IPO Day 30: Deals 1,297, Turnover Kshs. 257.9 million [$3.9 million] Average 6.23 High 6.60 Low 5.95 Last 6.20 Volume 41.4 million shares. Feels and smells like a bear raid. [Commentary and data from – NSE data vendor, with Free real time prices between 0930 -1500]

– What is the role of Morgan Stanley in the price of Safaricom?

– How about a reverse stock split of Safaricom to weed out 2/3 of the unhappy 800,000 shareholders and get a manageable share register?

End of day update – Turnover Kshs. 450.4 million ($6.92 m), Average 6.20 High 6.60 Low 5.95 Volume 72.5 million shares. commentary; A very weak session. The article in Business Daily, a large trade on the prompt board at 6.20 all pushed this market over. It was all so fortuitous and coincidental to be quite remarkable. The price is undervalued here by a wide margin.

9 thoughts on “Safaricom 5s

  1. just what?

    safaricom’s already hitting below 6/- ? sounds like a fine time to buy!

    How would the inverse stock-split reduce the number of names in the shareholders’ register?

  2. MainaT

    I actually welcome this as a lesson to all.
    Speculators within Kenya-study before investing.
    Speculators outside of Kenya-go away and stay away as you encourage continued corruption at the NSE.
    Investors-get your cash ready…

  3. andrew@jijinimarkets

    I thought bear raids involve short selling. Given that the NSE doesn’t have short selling (is it allowed? is there a market for short trades?), how does this bear raid work?

    Also whats’s strategy. As I’m sure you know Banks, monetizing an iformation website is difficult. Looks like he plans to introduce subscription fees.

  4. dj paddy

    thought i was the only one THINKING that the LARGE NUMBER OF SHARES SHOULD BE REDUCED DY 2/3.THE DECISION TO HAVE SO MANY SHARES 40% of the total of the NSE is not only stupid but FRAUDULENT. I THINK this WAS A TERRIBLE MISTAKE or a strategy to fleeece of kenyans.

  5. fimbo

    Whats the issue with shareholder register, why should WE care how big or small it is?

    Safcom can always buy back some of its shares in the open market.

  6. bankelele

    MainaT: In hind-sight, I should have gone with my gut feeling to bypass the IPO. But I’d still have bought at 7, 6 and 5 and 4 …..

    andrew@jijinimarkets: check with, not sure about his web strategy

    Dj paddy: it seems the trading is declining slowly, but the float is still too big for the NSE

    Just what? & Cold tusker: small shareholders will be wiped off – i.e. paid by the company. A big one time cost to wipe off a multi-year expense

    Mnrobe: put them out of their misery

    Aku: thank you

    Fimbo: it’s a big cost to the company mailing out 800,000 annual reports and AGM costs will probably cost about 200 million a year

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