Report & Reduce Corruption

The latest quarterly report from the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission (KACC) report was buried under a ton of criticism owing to the fact that it was perceived to continue the Anglo-Leasing cover-up.

Kenyans should face up to the fact that KACC is here to stay, regardless of who is in charge and use it to fight corruption – by reporting what they observe & perceive to be corrupt activities.

In the absence of proper whistle blower protection in the country, the commission has made it possible to report corruption anonymously (even by e-mail) which should trigger investigations such as those mentioned (in the quarterly report)that range from alleged CEO shopping demands to lowly clerks asking for bribes.

One weak point of KACC is that they only make public reports once their investigations are complete. They should also mention ongoing investigations and give a chance to more people to come forward, give evidence, and build stronger cases.

Unfortunate reference
In reading on the Citigroup/ CNBC ethical debate, I came upon the phrase Ugandan Discussions – an unfortunate slang term which demeans a country.

6 thoughts on “Report & Reduce Corruption

  1. bankelele

    CT: I did not discuss Uganda with anyone during my bed rest. In fact I did not see/hear anyone discuss Uganda, nor were there any references to Uganda on TV during the entire time I was the ward

  2. Odegle

    uganda discusions … very funny.
    on a serious note, which one oils the other? does corruption oil tribalism or tribalism oil corruption. my take is that as long as kenyans see themselves as a conglomeration of tribes, coruption will never stop.

    look at it. professionals are ready to stand with a thief just because he is their tribesman. and every time someone is accused he says his tribe is being targeted. in fact he organises protest matches and issues ultimata to the head of state.

  3. mwasjd

    I read through the KACC report, interesting piece of work. From the report, it seems that they actually do investigate and forward cases for prosecution.
    I guess if they wrote a report about pending cases, it would be too long and possibly some guys who don’t know they are being investigated would take relevant steps to ensure they aren’t found out…

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