8 thoughts on “Regrets

  1. Anonymous

    Similar regret, though I still have all my KQ shares bought 7 years ago. Only problem is that I bought so few shares, if I had just vumiliad and scrapped some more money for the shares and bought up to 35,000 shares back then , I would be a (kenyan) millionare by just holding that stock. You live and learn..Sigh!. God bless Naikuni though. my official investment motto is now ‘where Naikuni goes, my money follows’

    Keep up the blogging

  2. Shiroh

    The only regret i have is not buying East Africa Breweries when the shares were at 100/= despite the advise by my brokers ouch

  3. kipepeo

    is there any where i can get info on or learn how to invest in kenyan shares? i know that its something i want to do, but have no clue of where to start…help?

  4. bankelele

    There are about 50 stocks on the NSE, and you have to buy shares through a broker. Trading is supposed to be easier once you open a free CDS (central account at the NSE)account throught your broker. Charges are 1.8% – 2% per transaction, and shares are easier to trade in thousands.

  5. Jay

    YOWCH!! Anyway tis true you live and learn. I knew about the EABL share spilt and still neglected to grab some.

    By the way, is it more profitable to trade directly on the NSE or to invest in a mutual fund?

  6. stockinvest

    Bankelele, thanks for your insights and updates.

    I also saw the same opportunity with KA when it was trading around 12. That was the time of smart investors now its all speculative. I think you did the right thing by cutting out after dubling your money. I was bila cash to invest at that time so its actually more painful for me 😉

    “Be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy”

  7. Anonymous

    June 15 2005. Bankelele… wacha kelele… you could have bought at 36/- and still made 25% in 2 weeks! They are now at 48/-… BTW, I am like you… I sold out at 26/-… boo hoo hoo…

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