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You can now send an SMS to the Public Communications Secretary (a.k.a. the Government Spokesman) at number 2888 from either Safaricom or Celtel at a cost of 10/- per message.

The Rights Issue is critical to the survival to the supermarket chain. The prospectus contains a message from the company’s auditors, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, indicating that the rights issue may only raise 850 million shillings, and not the 1.2 billion targeted. The company will also sell its Ngong Hyper (to raise 270 million) Langata (250 m), Langata South (27m) and other properties to also raise funds. Although principal shareholders ICDC and ICDCI announced they would not take up their rights, they have effectively done so, by putting up a 105 million shilling loan to the company in July 2004. Also reported in the Standard today.

Golden handshake reprieve
According to the East African, the Federation of Kenya Employers has asked Finance Minister David Mwiraria to rescind his decision that prevents employees from collecting their pensions before they reach age 55, noting that life expectancy in Kenya is now around 45 years.

Free scratch paper from your bank
According to a UK survey, 60 per cent of people do not regularly read their mortgage, pension or bank statements.

Weather forecast
Yesterday evening, Nairobi had one of its freak rain storms that usually coincide with rush hour. So today I am comparing various forecast tools for their effective forecasting of the rest of the week’s weather.

Yahoo Tuesday: Some sunshine with a thunderstorm or two this afternoon. High 79F. Chance of rain 30%. Night Considerable cloudiness with occasional rain showers. Low 56F. Chance of rain 50%.
Tomorrow: A few showers early with mostly cloudy conditions later in the day. High 78F. Chance of rain 30%. Night: Cloudy. Low 56F. .
Thursday: Partly cloudy with a stray thunderstorm. Highs in the upper 70s and lows in the low 50s.
Friday: Showers. Highs in the mid 70s and lows in the low 50s.

CNN Tuesday partly cloudy 79°F (26°C) | 50°F (10°C)
Wednesday partly cloudy 78°F (26°C) | 52°F (11°C)
Thursday partly cloudy 80°F (27°C) | 50°F (10°C)
Friday partly cloudy 76°F (24°C) | 47°F (8°C)

BBC Tuesday light showers 24°C 14°C 6 good 1014 72
Wednesday sunny 20°C 13°C 5 good 1016 93
Thursday sunny 22°C 12°C 4 very good 1015 67
Friday 22°C 14°C 6 good 1015 69

Accuweather Tuesday Pleasant with a blend of sunshine and clouds High: 26° C Night: Mainly cloudy Low: 10° C
Wednesday Nice with times of sun and clouds High: 25° C Night: Partly cloudy Low: 11° C
Thursday Pleasant with clouds and sunshine High: 26° C Night: Partly cloudy Low:10° C
Friday Nice with times of clouds and sun High: 24° C Night: A shower possible in the evening; otherwise, partly cloudy. Winds will be calm Low: 8° C

Iraq constitution
Some cool things about the new Iraq constitution

1. It’s only 26 pages long
2. Article (6): Government should be rotated peacefully through democratic means stipulated in this constitution.
3. Article (26): The country shall guarantee the encouragement of investments in the different sectors.
4. Article (28): Low-income people should be exempted from taxes in a way that guarantees maintaining the minimum level necessary for a living. This shall be regulated by law.
5. Article (30): The state guarantees social and health insurance, the basics for a free and honorable life for the individual and the family — especially children and women — and works to protect them from illiteracy, fear and poverty and provides them with housing and the means to rehabilitate and take care of them. This shall be regulated by law.
6. Article (52): Sessions of the Council of Representatives (Parliament) shall be public unless it is necessary to do otherwise.
7. Article (58): Quorum for sessions of the Council of Representatives shall be reached by the attendance of the absolute majority of its members.
8. Article (59): The Council of Representatives may withdraw confidence from a minister by absolute majority, and he/she is considered (resigned) from the date of the withdrawal of confidence.
9. Article (59): The Council of Representatives decides the withdrawal of confidence from the prime minister by absolute majority of its members.
10. Article (59): (c) The Cabinet shall be (considered resigned) in the case that confidence is withdrawn from the prime minister.
11 Article (75): A minister must have a university degree or an equivalent.

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    Atricle (18) 4 4th — Every Iraqi has the right to carry more than one citizenship. Those who take a leading or high-level security position must give up any other citizenship. This shall be regulated by law.

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