Post-election Winners

(Non political) : For a month, we have concentrated on the losers – Kenya’s image, banks, truth, profits, employees, tourism sector, insurers, economy; so it’s a good time to look at some ‘winners’ today – people, concepts, companies who proved themselves and who may make some money from the post-election turmoil.

Mobile phone companies – Safaricom and Celtel were a vital link throughout the country. Airtime was worth more than money at times.
Language schools: Why? Cause you never know when it will be an advantage to multi-lingual in our multi-tribal Kenya again.
NGO’s: Are back in business in a big way.
Dick Morris: He never had a chance to participate in the election, but his ilk i.e. dirty tricks campaign managers were at work and in full force such that many professionals who ran clean, issue-oriented campaigns rarely had a chance in this election.
Gated community housing projects.
Uchumi Supermarkets: Won a lot of points for being open and doing business even when urban clashes were at outide their doors. Investors can expect no dividends until 2011, but the company may get a better reception if they approach investors with another rights issue thsi year.
Kenyans online: From blogs, to online initiatives (reporting violence, airtime/voucher transfer) thousands turned online to vent, tell their stories, get news, correct their country’s image and restore sanity – after a media blackout and/or fatigue from the political bickering and violent images that ran on TV all day.

Can you name any other winners?

13 thoughts on “Post-election Winners

  1. mama shady

    hi!it may be a bit premature of me saying this but i think young kenyans are another group who’ve won, in that there are many first time voters who have refused to be jaded and many others trying to figure out ways in which we can rebuild what we’ve lost(or that which didnt exist). its such a good thing to see 20 year olds discussing real issues and using their time and gifts constructively be it in writing , graphic design, music, business… granted that money may not be made right away ,and some may just be opportunists, but we may have some great ideas birthed during this time, money making or otherwise.hmmm, anyway, good day!

  2. ˙*∙..∙*•.Coco Delights.•*∙..•*∙..

    Another group that has managed to gain something from the post election disputes are matatu drivers because they have managed to take advantage of the situation to charge extra shillings to ordinary kenyans. They are making a good profit and some people would rather travel with a matatu that risk their own car in town. Plus when it rains and there is “mass action” they make a hefy profit!

  3. Ssembonge

    IMHO there are no winners so far (does Kibaki’s win count?).

    Ultimately, all the people of Kenya will be loosers. The economy does not discriminate. Like a tsunami, it will take every one with it.

    With reports that Nakuru has fallen casuality to widespread violence, one wonders which other towns are waiting to explode.

  4. Anonymous

    – the tsunami raila talked about.
    anyway i think kenyans are the losers
    by far – western kenya in particular.
    uganda has lost big time.- shows our fates are closely tied.

    i think raila and kibs dont realize tehy hold no cards all teh cards are held by the US and UK when they say its time to evacuate their citizens. it will be a giant vote of no confidence then shit will truly hit the fan.

    i thinkright now they are buying time waiting for all ther folks to quietley leave.

  5. coldtusker

    Winner: The crooked networks…

    Smuggled/untaxed sugar. Mumias Sugar Co has raised a stink but they are being ignored since the importers are part of kibz’ “government”.

  6. bankelele

    mama shady: young kenyan voters – that one is still not clear if they are winners are losers, as many have no faith in voting again – and the quality of post-election debate has been very low IMHO (maybe the semi-ban on media has something to do with that)

    Coco Delights: I disagree. overall the transport sector has been a loser

    Ssembonge: non-political, but Kibaki looks like a loser as his 5 year legacy of economy building is teetering

    coldtusker: i agree crooked networks are winners. also because past parliamntary reports have shown the disasters have been used to facilitative very lucrative (corrupt) relief operations. in ’emergency’ times, procurement rules are relaxed in the ‘interests’ of urgency.
    – separately i hear the Mumias sugar was destined for Uganda (but came from Brazil)

  7. Anonymous

    The violence is gathering it’s own momentum.

    God help us. We need a miracle before the sh!t hits the fan.

    Bye bye Safaricom. Bye bye NSE. Bye Bye Kenya.

  8. Tim

    Other winners include international journalists covering the events in Kenya. For them the need to file a daily report from Kenya will have dramatically increased their profile as they file a report every evening. Especially freelance journalists based in Nairobi for whom this has brought significant extra income.

  9. Seven Star Hand

    Hello Bankelele and all,

    Peace requires truth, justice, and wisdom…

    So, what are the chances that politics and politicians will solve anything, before creating even bigger problems?

    Wisdom dictates that we let results speak for themselves, hence the instruction to “know them by their fruits” (the end-results of deeds). Now look at this sad, sordid, and chaotic excuse for a civilization, created by money, religion, and politics, and tell me again that these three “strong delusions” are good for anyone, except those in power.

    A wise man once explained that insanity is often characterized by doing the same thing over and over, while expecting different results. Humanity has been struggling and suffering because of money, politics, and religion for millennia, yet ages-old evils persist and humanity’s errors have grown so great that all life is now threatened with widespread destruction and/or extinction.

    That brings us to the crux question !!

    Here is Wisdom…


  10. bankelele

    JohnofScribbleSheet: Nakumatt made a lot of money from pre-christmas shopping sales – they were choke-full

    Nakeel: absolutely, local airlines/charters were winners

    Tim: Some debate about that. I am seeign a lot of new blogs by journalists on the post-election crisis, but overall foreign bureaus are not hiring, just adopting free-lance models. Ceratinly it’s good to earn extra income.

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