Points to Consider before Switching Bank Accounts

This was inspired by a query from ‏@KaranjaJ on if there Is there a .Ke bank that delivers on its promise or is their verbal communication a load of B.S

1. Find a bank you’re comfortable with. You should not be unhappy with your bank.

2. If you outgrow the bank you’re with, move on. You may have been a customer for years, but your needs have changed, and these days it may not be as smooth as it once was. Maybe the bank ownership changed or the relationship managers you had moved on leaving you with without the friendly familiar service you enjoyed.

3. Don’t believe all promises advertised by a new bank product in a brochure. They are only telling you the good side.

4. Keep your old bank account for a while and only close it when you’re happy with the new one. Some customers find that the new bank is charging them for services they were getting for free at their previous one.

5. Negotiate with your current bank. They may waive some charges or make some changes, if you ask.

6 No one and no bank is perfect. Each bank has some positive’s, and also some negative’s.

7. The people who sell the product, are not the ones who will service it. When shopping for a new bank or product be wary if the person selling it is an agent on commission, not an employee of the bank. What they promise may not be delivered as you understand it.

8. Ask about all charges for the new service – Joining fees, admin/maintenance fees e.g. there may be an upfront 5% on your investment which is taken out before you account is event credited, and if that happened every year, you will not grow your investment much.

9. This is the era of mobile & internet. You should be able to view and query your accounts online – and this should be at no cost (it’s always cheaper for the bank to give you some account access, than you having to go to the branch to ask for a statement)

10. Read the fine print before you sign. You may be desperate, but take a few minutes to query some clauses, and it it’s a loan or investor agreement, ask to read it overnight, and get some legal advice.

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  1. Beth

    Thanks for this. It almost feels like an emotional affair but I am unhappy with my bank. Opened my first account for my first HELB disbursement but now the services I need them for are bad.

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