Point of Order

Hate to play the cynic in this tough week that Parliemnt has had, with the passing of several MP’s, but here goes;

Parliament opened up its chambers to the media on Tuesday to show an abbreviated hearing where MP’s praised their departed colleagues and moved to adjourn sittings till after their funeral.

This brief window into Parliament procedures demonstrated again, as on all budget speech days, that it is already possible to broadcast parliamentary hearings – which have been promised numerous times.

And it did not require massive, expensive, renovation to achieve this. It’s just that MP’s only want coverage on their best days, not their worst. On Budget day, many of them can’t even stay awake, and I’m sure they’d rather not have viewers see the empty hearings on other days with shouting matches, lack of quorum etc.

It is easy to broadcast footage from Marsabit or Garsen, weddings, church services, seminars, Goldenberg Hearings, bullfights in Western Kenya, etc. – so what’s so hard about giving TV crews (who foot their own bills) access to all parliamentary sessions? They are quite capable of taping sessions cheaply and will not intrude on the on-goings in the house. It would not be suprising if, even after the renovations, Paliament will still not allow television cameras in.

3 thoughts on “Point of Order

  1. Omani

    They want to hide the goings on inside us to be kept in the dark about those many bills they have for long politicised, and refused to pass.

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