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Tomorrow will see the first flight of the world’s biggest airliner, the Airbus 380 (which should be live on both CNN and Sky news)

Kenya Airways new 777 arrived with less fanfare than the first one last year, which was the first to be operated in sub-Saharan Africa.

In the Kenya gazette, several air licenses have been applied for including 5 (from various airlines wanting to fly to/from Tanzania) 2 to use Eldoret airport (one Eld-Sudan, and one for Eld-Dubai) and also four airlines to fly from Europe to Mombasa (avoiding Nairobi) – these are Monarch (Gatwick-Msa), Euro Atlantic (Brussels-Msa), African Safari Air (based in Msa and Air Plus Comet (Madrid-Nairobi.

2 thoughts on “Plane News

  1. Adrian

    the first flight seems to have been a success.

    if KQ continues as you post further above, maybe one day we will also have one.

    though i think that would require some work at JKIA…

  2. bankelele

    KQ have committed themselves to Boeing (and the 777) for at least the next 10 years – and in fact have an all Boeing fleet now.

    Your best chance of seeing one at JKIA is in Emirates colours (they have ordered about 40) – also JKIA say they are ready to handle a A380 landing here, but they may have to do some modification work first.

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