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KQ Outlook: Interesting debate at stockskenya on the outlook of Kenya Airways at a time of high oil prices, whose impact on last years prices were softened by hedging contracts which may have since lapsed. Nice breakdown, but for KQ even financial discussions can be overwhelmed by the PR, service, and communications weaknesses at the airline.

Virgin Nigeria: Just finished reading Richard Branson’s autobiography which was finished before he began his Nigerian airline venture, which now seems to be unraveling amid allegations of blackmail, mafioso tactics, and partly blamed on the former president. Whether the Virgin Nigeria venture survives the fracas which was triggered by a dispute over airport space, it is nevertheless a successful venture.

Cyber squatters: Don’t confuse:
official Kenya Airways with this one
official CFC Stanbic with
this one
official Safaricom site with this site, which was last used by Dyer & Blair during the IPO earlier this year
(any other examples?)

5 thoughts on “Plane Moments

  1. Mugi

    The MMA domestic terminal is not too far off from the international terminal. And, the planes take off & land using the same runways. Therefore, except for the slight operational handicap, I do not understand why Sir Branson would want to pull off because of being asked to re-locate. There must be other issues including, i guess, the fact that the airline is loss making and therefore having offices and staff in both terminals will increase costs.

    Virgin Nigeria is the only reputable airline operating the domestic routes. IF they pull out, those of us who do air travel within Nigeria will have to increase our travel risk insurance!

  2. coldtusker

    No wonder KQ is no hurry to increase flights to Lagos even though it is a huge market.

    KQ plans more flights to other W.African cities instead of using Lagos as a mini-hub.

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