Plane moment: Mostly KQ

New KQ plane

After a slight delay here’s the new KQ 737-800 5Y-KYE

Kenya Airways gets another 737-800 from Boeing tomorrow. Bold expansion at a difficult time for many airlines, and KQ is still increasing routes and frequencies but can reduced fuel prices be passed on to passengers?

Regional Routes

Air Tanzania was suspended from flights and offered a $2 million bailout by the government only?

Zambian Airways suspended flight without notice citing high fuel costs.

Virgin Nigeria suspended flights to London and South Africa.

Delta is US is expanding routes in Africa later this year (e.g. Nairobi in June) and so South African Airways will start a nonstop service from New York to Johannesburg in May that leaves earlier and allows for seamless connections on to other African destinations

Flight of Woe

On a recent local flight, the aircraft was found to have puncture at a mid-way stop

So the airline attempted to move the passengers to a more refined vehicle

10 thoughts on “Plane moment: Mostly KQ

  1. Anonymous

    You gave the Centum AGM a skip???!! here I was looking forward to a post on that.
    Part of the drama was that the company’s attorney denied a proxy audience on the grounds that co. law does not expressly provide for proxies to be heard at an AGM. I wonder how corporate s/holders are supposed to voice their concerns at AGMs in that case?
    Interestingly, a special agenda to have two directors removed was in the cards; no need to wait for the result of that coz its sure to flop since their stake in the co is significant.

  2. Anonymous

    I live in Joburg and a couple of the things I wonder about KQ are:
    1) Why the flippin hell is the airline more expensive than SAA…and am talkin like 5-6k more expensive on average!
    2) Why the flippin hell does the airline almost always never leave on time!!

    I’d love to travel with KQ however a price difference on 5-6k is abit hard to justify…and lets call a spade a spade…there’s nothing really special about the service on KQ…if you want good service fly on Emirates (which is full of Kenyans anyway)….else KQ, SAA..there all flippin same

  3. Mitzy

    The ramshackle matatu has PrecisionAir colors 🙂 It seems many airlines are suspending their flights to SA until further notice, Thai Air included.

  4. Anonymous

    MainaT – I think he’s off to a good start. He managed the anti- C.K s/holder sentiment as best as these things can be managed i.e. by requesting the co. attorney to give an (erroneous) interpretation of co law to diffuse the anti C.K sentiments that were begining to spiral out of ctrl.

  5. Anonymous

    1. Air flight seats pricing is quite a complex issue. You can fly coach and the guy next to you will have paid USD 100 less. It all depends on how early you reserve and pay for your flights. And there is the time value of money also. Try flying to Maputo by Mozambique airlines and you’ll realize why flying cheap is someties, expensive.

    2. Centum don’t have an in-house co. attorney. They must have hired whoever was turning proxies at the door. Their co. sec. is not attorney. Curiously, did they send the annual reports without the proxy forms? Extremely strange. Very strange. CMA should take a peek atthis. Some one should write a stinker, otherwise, minority views will continue to be suppressed.

  6. bankelele

    PKW: no refund; passengers balked a the torn seats and a different matatu was used to complete the journey

    MainaT: the ‘anons’ have inspired anew Centum AGM post

    Mitzy: wrong airline. Separately, the global air turmoil catching up to African airlines fast

    Coldtusker; have only flown SAA on that route, and I hear it’s much cheaper than KQ. The pilot also came low and flew the plane round the Kilimanjaro snow crater (something I doubt fuel -cost conscious KQ would have approved)

  7. Anonymous

    I met a friend who works in KQ for lunch and he had a lot of bad things to say about the corporate culture in KQ. It so turns out that corruption is rampamt and some employees have opened up accounts where bribes can be deposited.

    I heard someone say that Titus Naikun has been spotted on the BA flight to London. Not sure if this is true.


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