NSE Portfolio November 2009

Equity market stalled since last quarterly review in August 2009 , as bond activity goes full steam

The stable

Diamond Trust
Kenya Airways
KCB Bank Group
Stanbic (Uganda)

Best performer: Stanbic (Uganda) is up 17% this quarter, then Safaricom up 7%
Worst performer Scangroup down 6% then Diamond Trust down 5%
In: none
Out: none
Increase: none
Decrease: none

Unexpected gains/losses:
– Kenya Airways paid a dividend despite a record loss
– Registered for Safaricom m-pesa dividends which will be paid today (November 12)

Performance: The Portfolio is down 1.4% while the Nairobi Stock Exchange NSE 20 index is down4.4%. Safaricom has more weight on NSE than here, but either way is poised to boost both portfolios

Events & Outlook:
– No trades or new investments made in the quarter, but took part in one unlisted agricultural investment
– Missed out on Family Bank capital raising /rights issues as it is locked out to new investors (since September 2009) Ð (its due to close within a week)- – Passing on another Uchumi rescue plan which also closes within a week

4 thoughts on “NSE Portfolio November 2009

  1. Anonymous

    Spam alert (see above)

    Safaricom… Whoever got in at 2.80 made some sweet profits.

    I took a bet on that share and laughed all the way to the bank.


  2. bankelele

    Coldtusker: Nakumatt getting a new sugar daddy. What’s odd about uchumi they suddenly turned round this year and said they did not want strategic partner (after 2 years of trying to find one)

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