NSE Portfolio May 2009

hit bottom? Time to buy?

Last quarterly check of the Nairobi share portfolio was in February 2009 and a year ago

The Stable

Diamond Trust ↓
Kenya Airways
Safaricom ↓
Scangroup ↓
Stanbic (Uganda) ↓

– Best performer: KCB up 2%
– Worst performer Stanbic down 30% (combination of share drop and weaker Uganda shilling), and Safaricom down 10%
– In: Kenya Airways
– Out: none
– Increase none
– Decerease none
– Unexpected gains/losses: none

Events & Outlook:
– Performance: Portfolio is up 1% in the last three months while the NSE Index is down 3.5%
– Bought KQ, tried to buy illiquid Kenol at 30

Looking forward to
– Dividend payments expected from Diamond Trust, KCB, Scangroup, Stanbic (UG)
– Privatization commission has lined up several companies that may be availed later in 2009

5 thoughts on “NSE Portfolio May 2009

  1. Concept

    I recommend Access and Equity Bank…Growth Stocks you should have in your portfolio. And have you thought of re-organizing your portfolio? I don’t have much faith with KQ whether you are looking at the next three months or three years.

  2. Ssembonge

    S&P 500 is flat for the year but people who risked during the darkest days have made 50% upwards.

    The ship might have left the shores.

  3. maina

    Bus nambari nane ilinja na ikaondoka. Take number 15.
    In layman terms, I’m surprised you didn’t buy some kcb when it was being given away for Ksh15.

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks for posting this.

    I am looking to get back in into the NSE (on Bus no. 15 I guess :))


  5. Anonymous

    @ Maina – please post ‘stable’ and gains/losses over the last quarter


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