NSE Golden Jubilee

The Nairobi Stock Exchange celebrates its Golden Jubilee (50th anniversary) at Kenyatta International Conference Center (KICC) Nairobi from November 23 – 26 2004.

Entry is Kshs 100/= and you can meet stockbrokers, investment bankers and money managers and learn about investment options since deposit rates at banks are still very low.

On a related matter, KICC has become a beehive of activity since the former ruling party was evicted from the premises last year. There are exhibitions and conferences every other week and the place has been spruced up. With with the Goldenberg inquiry meeting in the basement, KICC should have a very profitable year (if only they would publish their annual results). KICC’s low point this year was in October, when the Kenyan government spokesman kicked out a clinic that had been there for 20 years, because he needed “more office space, and patients were a threat to his security.”

2 thoughts on “NSE Golden Jubilee

  1. Chanuka

    Would be interesting to know what stocks are listed on the stock exchange and their performance. Any chance you can direct us to a website with these details.

    As regard banking in Kenya: Banking is more of a negative return. You are charged for depositing and charged for withdrawing. Is this legal?.

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