NSE Briefs

Scangroup: It was a pleasant surprise to pick up the newspaper this morning and see results from Scangroup (company earnings usually break at theNSE site) for the year ended in December 2007.

Turnover was up from 3 billion to 4.7 shillings billion, and profit after tax was up from 279m to 353 million shillings (27%) as were EPS (1.48) and dividend per share of Kshs. 0.90 – which is not bad for a share that was oversubscribed 3X just 16 months ago.

KCB: Good and not so good news form the notice of their upcoming AGM (May 9). The company will be cross-listing it shares in Uganda and Tanzania but also proposes to carve out an employee share ownership scheme (ESOP) from the creation of new shares in a proposed rights issue (reserving 150 million of the 400 million new shares). ESOP shares are controversial unless they are bought from the pool of existing, issued, shares.

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