Node Africa launches

Phares introduces Node Africa

Phares introduces Node Africa

This week saw the unveiling of Node Africa, a new company led by Phares and Brian, the duo who spearheaded Angani before they left the company following a boardroom fallout that rocked the Kenya ICT startup community, late in 2015.

They have moved on from Angani, are now back with Node Africa, an information management company (that uses cloud infrastructure) and who’s tag line is we run your cloud infrastructure  so you can run your enterprises. 

It’s been an impressive turnaround in a few months; and in just six weeks after formal incorporation (in December 2015), they have launched Node Africa company and it’s up and running with a team of six, partnerships with Cisco, VMware, and Microsoft and with customers including Pesapal, Tarpo, Strathmore University, and WhatsApp Africa.

They still believe that Africa will be a cloud-first continent, and that, gmail and popular apps have  shown, companies value well-delivered services, regardless of the location, or infrastructure that’s behind them, or the devices that their customers are using – and that cloud services, backed by a dedicated team like theirs are the way of the future for local and regional companies to scale their growth, customers and services.

6 thoughts on “Node Africa launches

  1. Beth

    Impressive turn-around by the two guys and wish them the best. They and Royal Media Services (fervently fighting digital migration then launching the best Kikuyu TV station the same or following year) are my 2015/2016 inspiration.
    On Angani/Node Africa and such, if a founding owner is ousted from the board or management, can they still have equity at the company they are forced to walk away from, and what does that mean if they become the competition?

  2. bankelele Post author

    TV stations were misadvised on digital migration, but I wonder if the government shot itself in the foot – millions of real homes, still don’t don’t have TV since the analog switch off was cut off.

    Founders can retain their shares, but will probably want to sell, walk away, and start afresh. In their case, they don’t see themselves as competition

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