No Day Trading

One unintended effect of the introduction of CDS (electronic trading) at the Nairobi Stock Exchange is an attempt by people to engage in day trading.

Unfortunately, stocks have to be still bought through stock brokers who must make the actual deals on the floor of the exchange. E.g. Someone who requests a broker to sell Kenya Airways at 81 and use the proceeds to buy Mumias at 31 may get mixed results. Sometimes the broker can’t make the deal that day, or for the next few days (in the volume specified), or commits the transaction at a time when the price has changed significantly.

Also, it is not cost effective, since each transaction costs 2% in commissions.

One thought on “No Day Trading

  1. kuoasan


    CDS is not an electronic trading platform but a depository thus after the “manual” or open-cry trading is completed on the floor the shares are moved from one account to another.

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