Next at Safaricom?

As promised last month, Safaricom has already introduced a new tariff known as Saasa. Their MD also promised a new product which will change our lives.

While talking on the aircraft with Mental at Johannesburg awaiting takeoff to Nairobi, his Vodacom phone showed out location as Johannesburg Airport – and this was same thing that caused a mini scare on July 1 this year when Safaricom phones displayed users’ locations on the phone screens.

I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that the revolutionary Safaricom product will be similar to look4it from Vodacom SA, a product which enables phone users to, among other things; locate the nearest cinemas, ATM’s, petrol stations, find out the weather forecast, find your nearest hospital/emergency facility, hotel. Worryingly it may also identify the location of your cellphone, locate an employee’s or family member’s cellphone and communicate this by SMS or over the Internet.

4 thoughts on “Next at Safaricom?

  1. Nakeel

    Banks being a very loyal customer to Safaricom there is one thing they are letting me down. I cant share my videos and pics with my friend coz am a kawa person I dont want to be abnormal post paid person I think the first new product they should give us is that.
    Camera phones have flooded the market so why me have Cam fone and not use it?
    The pizza is calling

  2. Half 'n' half

    It is a scary thought that it will get to a point that even the anonymity of the cell phone will be no more. I hate to think that someone can know exactly when I am……..yikes. (shivers)

  3. bankelele

    Nakeel: I know everything is so expensive with them – video, internet access. I too ahve my camera phone which is a white elephant because i can’t share. They should have given a free trial period for MMS. Down for Pizza

    Half ‘n’ half: that’s the downside to technology. Israel had targeted & executed several Hizbollah leaders like that – and why Osama never uses a phone

    Mwasjd: Maybe market not ready, but they have to experiment and remember no one could have predicted the success of mobile phones. Also they ran that test in July

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