New Government spokesman?

Information (and acting tourism) Minister Raphael Tuju appeared on Nation TV last night to defend the government against allegations of corruption. Sounding very much like the government spokesman (Dr. Mutua), he said that there was corruption in parliament and in the media so they had no right to jusge minister’s – and that the president would take action against corrupt ministers once he had seen evidence, and not to please a corrupt lynch mob. He said Kenyans spend too much time politicking, and ignore the good that the government has done – e.g. farmers (dairy, sugar) are getting paid on time, constituencies have received funding (for AIDS treatment, bursary, development), police salaries doubled, peace in Sudan & Somalia, matatu’s are comfortable, free primary education and took personal credit for the 18% growth in tourism.

On his controversies in his ministries, he said that he did the right thing in cancelling the second national operator and third mobile licenses (even as he acknowledged that he did not have those powers) and that he inherited the KWS hiring fiasco from his predecessor (the late Karisa Maitha).