‘Nation’ makes staff changes

Mr Jaindi Kisero, who has been associate editor in charge of Business on the Daily Nation, moves to The East African as managing editor – and will be replaced by Mr Nicholas Wachira who was previously a business editor at the Standard.

I hope it’s not like other Arthur Andersen who removed auditors who were too vigilant at Enron. Wachira was a good business writer at Standard, but will have to prove himself in the wake of Kisero who wrote insightful business articles on both the government and private sector, highlighting important issues that the rest of the media chose to ignore or were unable to understand.

5 thoughts on “‘Nation’ makes staff changes

  1. Jay

    Wachira was the dude earning 700,000? Wow wow wow seems I should have paid more attention in business class!

    Just so you know, your blog will be the first I visit kesho to get a budget analysis. And there’s a question I posted in one of the comments for you.

  2. Mimmz

    Good looking out. You are so very necessary… Now Bankelele, every now and then, can you post us some good info on what stocks (local) may be good to invest in. Trying to support the local market but the lack of scruples and safety guards is scary for any investor…

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