Nairobi iHub

Visiting the Nairobi iHub today with Erik (@whiteafrican), which you can read more about at his post. while enjoiying the freat view of Naiorbi from the roof, and I test the wireless network Emer of butterfly works we chat about:

– Getting people do cool stuff – at this connection point where you’ll met people to enable you to get things done
– Get better developers
– The need to open more centres like this in e.g. Buru Buru
– Have a match making interface/board
– Enable people can upload their CV’s and
– Enable developers to get funding for their projects
We’ll be seeing more of Eric at Skunkworks (Feb 2) and Mobil East Africa (Feb 3 and 4) before the official launch of the iHub (@iHubNairobi)

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