Multi-media messaging coming to Kenya

Safaricom will launch MMS or multi-media messaging in June 2005 – which will enable users to send messages that include images, audio and video clips from one phone to another or to e-mail.

Likely impact?

  • The service must be priced affordably to be of meaningful use.
  • The price of mobile phones, which have halved over the last year, will now shoot up. E.g. a Nokia 7250 now costs 15,000, down from 27,000 shillings.
  • Hopefully Safaricom have addressed the problem of undelivered messages. I.e. when an SMS fails to go through (especially international), you still get charged. Messages that fail to go through, should not incur charges.
  • The government will ban the use of camera phones.

2 thoughts on “Multi-media messaging coming to Kenya

  1. M

    I feel you on the undelivered SMSes, something I deeply resent and have complained about numerously.

    Also, I am skeptical that they will be unable to pull of the MMS. If normal cellular telephony and SMS overwhelms them, how they will they pull this off?

  2. bankelele

    Well, they have to do something new to separate themselves from Celtel, which has been launching catchy new products every month this year.

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