MP’s declare their wealth

We must all applaud members of the 3rd progressive force for declaring their wealth. Assistant Minister Dunson Mungatana (23 gross 9.8 m MP earnings, 2.8m ministerial earnings, 1.8m from law practice, liabilities of 13.5m, 5 cars, two houses in Nairobi and 1 in Garsen), Assistant Minister Kivutha Kibwana (Net worth: 15m, 8m MP salary, 2 plots, 1 house, 4 cars, 2.3m in SACCO shares), MP Koigi wa Wamwere (Net worth: 15 million, 3 plots, 2 houses, 2 cars, 4 bank accounts with 1.8m, 600,000 in SACCO shares), and MP Kalembe Ndile (Net worth: 15 million, 8m salary as MP, 4 cars, 2 plots, 1.5 in SACCO shares) read out their wealth declaration form and laid down a challenge to members of the cabinet to do the same. [Kibwana and Mungatana were re-deployed to other ministries later in the day, but remain assistant ministers]
Their move was cautiously supported by Communications Minister Raphael Tuju and Justice Assistant Minister Robinson Githae.

4 thoughts on “MP’s declare their wealth

  1. Kenyan Pundit

    That is a good start, although I think that Mungatana’s claim that he is “poor” was a bit farcical..and what is this 21-day notice, if they not happy with the government see they leave…I just wish these chaps were forming a true progressive force and not just engaging in cheap politics. I guess at the very least they are shaking things up.

  2. bankelele

    The 21 day notice was for the president to act on corrupt ministers. You have to admire the 3rdPF for their innovative ways of challenging Kibaki. Notice how the reshuffle promoted a lot of Coast MP’s who were previously allied with Mungatana

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