More Aid to Kenya

From Norway (a GJLOS Project)
Through the World Bank, Norway is funding a pilot project for the recording of court proceedings. Firms with extensive experience are invited to supply and install digital voice processing systems in some courts by applying electronically from by 27th May 2005.

From EU for Kenyan Roads
European Union support to Kenya roads i.e the Northern Corridor Rehabilitation Programme include:
– Sultan Hamud to Mtito Andei (131 km) at a cost of Kshs. 4.6 billion began in April 2003, and 72km are complete. – the rest should be done by January 2006
– Mai Mahiu – Naivasha – Lanet 95 km road section at a cost of Kshs 4.6 billion – to commence in May 2005 and end in September 2007 urgently needs to be done
– 150km of rural roads in Eastern province at a cost of Kshs. 300 million (complete)
– EUR 35 million to rehabilitate Westlands– Limuru and Timoboroa-Eldoret-Malaba highways urgently needs to be done
– Rural roads in tea & coffee producing areas of Central Kenya

From Japan
The Government of Japan has provided a grant of 1 billion yen (¥) (Kshs 720 million) in an import support program to finance import of raw materials and finished goods. Goods purchased don’t have to be of Japanese origin, but the funds may not be used for project funding. The minimum loan amount is ¥ 14.4m (Kshs 10.4 million), and the maximum is ¥108m (Kshs 77.8 million). Other terms are: payment in Kshs, 10% deposit to treasury on approval of application, balance (90%) payable within one year from date of shipment of goods, secured by bank guarantee. Apply at