Missing Links

There are about 20 roads envisioned for Nairobi, known as Nairobi missing links that had been planned as far back as independence and in subsequent development plans for the City. These were designed to open up neighborhoods to development and ease transportations problems – but were never built.

These plans have remained on city maps and while land developers have generally avoided constructing on these set-aside areas, there has probably been encroachment on in the more densely populated areas, as indicated by the recent failure of fire-fighting efforts. In some cases the city council has licensed businesses to operate there but only as temporary occupants.

The Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is undertaking a study on the development of missing links “3 6 & 7” which are located on the western side of Nairobi to be an experiment for the rest of the City’s roads – and they will the projects for financing by the Government of Japan.

If approved, construction of the following roads (with bridges, pedestrian & cycle lanes) should begin in 2007:

  • a short road from the Westlands roundabout to Riverside drive
  • a road from Kileleshwa police station/Kasuku center to Methodist university
  • a road from Yaya center to Lavington area.

3 thoughts on “Missing Links

  1. bankelele

    Others may be more deserving but more difficult to build, while these 3 which are being done on a experimantal basis are quite intact – there has been little encorachment and fewer people to displace, so it will be more condusive, faster, and not make many political waves (like demolitions, evictions & traffic diversions)

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