Minister Appeal

In a full-page paid advertisement in the Sunday Standard, Minister for State in the Office of the President (in charge of provincial administration and internal security), John Michuki appealed to the media to tone down their arrogant, sensational reporting of this government and the country.

He writes that media is serving their own interests, and that the Standard is the worst offender. He also notes that even such interactive media like call-in talk shows (radio & television) and internet blogger forums are increasingly being abused – some of them are full of content that is unmistakably hate-oriented.

Separately: The Artur Commission which will begin public hearings this week has an e-mail address

15 thoughts on “Minister Appeal

  1. AK

    well, there are too many information outlets, thanks to technology! the voices shall not be gagged anymore.

    If I were Mr internal security, I would be glad to have the opportunity to know the people’s sentiments

  2. Anonymous

    i would love to know the people who vote this guy back, his thinking is still in the colonial era and he needs to retire and somebody needs to drill into his head that this is 21st century Kenya and we will not be cooed by his rattle snake anymore

  3. acolyte

    I am amazed!The man is actually appealing instead of shutting down papers, TV stations and ISPs!Hmmmmm interesting!

  4. Anonymous

    If kenyans( and you mighty bloggers) cower because of bullies such a Michuki, we have only ourselves to blame for being an 18th century country in a 21st century world. Saddens me though that there are people who are supposedly learned but becos of (ethnic? or other affiliations ) are willing to excuse and supporters such people as Michuki.

  5. Dave

    Truly, democracy is noisy, messy and filled with criticism. Those who do not like the system will often complain about the noise, but will miss the glory of it. It reminds me of someone who looks at a school yard, filled with noise and chaos. They complain about the noise, but miss the beauty of children, their energy and the joy of their freedom.

  6. Joseph Walking

    how about responsible blogging .Bloggers i am sorry to say can not continue spewing all sorts of vile despite how much we disagree with the government

  7. bankelele

    Kenyananalyst: pole about the surveilance

    AfroM: infamous!

    AK: Especialy those outside the country

    acolyte: You get more done when you ask nicely

    Dave: Amen

    The Alpha Quadrant: It was a good move seeing as the Standard has complained of a government advertising blackout in the past

    Joseph ללכת ההליכה: Who has been irresponsible?

  8. Raymond

    Sick and tired of this colonial era politicians and the never ending state of emergencies draconian laws, they keep imposing on Kenyans. Somebody needs to put a stop to this, and that would be Kenyans in 07, Please people educate yourselves on who to vote for and not the tribalist ways of doing things.

  9. chris


    My sincere apologies. I made a mistake in a post I did recently on this Michuki business and did not credit you as the original guy who blew the whistle.

    I’ve corrected the situation (see for yourself at;

    You don’t miss anything do you? It’s a real pleasure to have a guy like you around. It’s really careless for us bloggers never to bother to look at the Standard on Sunday…Actually it is CRIMINAL.

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