Midweek Mix

Health care package for low income Kenyans
AAR, Kenya’s largest HMO has linked with K-Rep Bank to offer in a pilot project to provide health care to low-income groups.

Media blamed for undermining bank merger
HFCK say that leakage of documents portrayed them as using underhand methods to secure a deal with DBK

Two perspectives on life in Nairobi
Eastleigh Estate in Nairobi is like Mogadishu because of wealthy Somali residents while Asians profess that they are ”Kenya Damu”

End of the Yellow Jackets
The Nairobi City Council is progressing towards a system that will privatise the management of parking spaces (on and off the street) in Nairobi

Ship refuses to sail away
Assurances to the Treasury by the Chief of General Staff, General Joe Kibwana, about a 4.1 billion Kenya Shilling (US$53.5 million) deal to buy a new patrol boat for the Navy have turned out to be misplaced, according to documents seen by Africa Confidential.

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  1. Anonymous

    amazing the kind of people we have ruling
    see what is justice?two people ths week showed that they are above the law

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