Manpower Jobs

At Suntra Investment Bank
General Manager Operations (MN1602)
Masters degree in finance, and 5 years experience in investment/merchant banking

Manager Stockbroking Operations (MN1603)
Bachelors’ degree in business, marketing, finance, 3 years experience, and professional qualification or specialised training an advantage

Manager Investment (Merchant) Banking (MN1604)
Bachelors’ degree, professional qualification such as CFA or in banking an advantage

At a local Bank
Marketing Manager (MN1609)
MBA, Five years marketing experience and preferably experience marketing bank products, aged 30-35

Manager Operation (MN1610)
MBA, 5 years operations management experience, professional banking qualification an advantage, aged 35 – 40

Manager Operations Rigour (MN1611)

Branch Manager(s) (MN1612)
Graduate with experience as branch managers or assistant branch managers

Apply by Feb 28 2005 to Executive Selection Division, Manpower (K) Services, Ltd, P. O. Box 50736-00200 Nairobi. Check the Nation Feb 16 for more details.

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