Kutwa Tuesday (June 12)

IPO Wanted

To plug a hole in the budget
Kenya Pipeline is in the news again – this time suing the Kenya Times group. The company has an enviable profitable track record for a Parastatal which makes it a ripe prime candidate for an IPO but mostly gets saddled with bad news for all the wrong reasons and controversial. A dose of public shareholding will lead to greater transparency & accountability and less political football at the company which is more profitable than Kengen (It earned 3.9 billion (pre-tax) in June 2006, up from 2.4 billion in June 2005 (Kengen reported 3.8 and 1.8 billion pre-tax in those years)

Kenya Re earnings
A point brought out by MainaT’s comment – what was Kenya Re’s true profit in 2005?

Post TED: Kenyan wildlife
The Economist analyses hippos and cheetahs



  • Director of internal audit at East African Development Bank. Apply through KPMG at esd@kpmg.co.ug by 20/6
  • Investment Climate Facility for Africa: Finance Director, Director, Strategic Knowledge, Projects Director, Director, and Legal/Regulatory Affairs. Apply through PWC at recruit@tz.pwc.com by 15/6
  • Project manager at Inmobia. Apply to job@inmobia.com by 12/6
  • Research assistants at Kemri-Wellcome. Apply online
  • Management trainees at Kenya Wildlife Services. D/L is 22/6
  • Chief internal auditor at Kenya Women’s Finance Trust. (D/L is 18/6)
  • Nielsen: IT system manager, research executives. Apply to hr@acnielsen.co.ke by 16/6
  • Safaricom: senior manager financial systems & analysis, site acquisition officer, senior learning & development officer, senior buyers (communication, technology – 3 positions). Apply to hr@safaricom.co.ke by 15/6
  • Group head of ICT at UAP insurance (D/L is 21/6)
  • Urgent Cargo: credit controller, sales executives, HR & admin officer. Jobs@urgentcargo.com by 22/6
  • Wilderness Lodges (owners of Keekorok) head of marketing, internal auditor. Apply to recruit@adeptsystems.co.ke by 22/6


  • Africa women entrepreneurs (from Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania Uganda) get voices heard and be recognized. Nominations to be submitted to the Cineartsafrika website by 29/6
  • East African Community students essay competition. D/L is 19/7


  • Become a Citi hoppa franchisee. Cost at 50,000 per bus and get details at info@citihoppa.com
  • Become a Keringet water distributor. Details at keringet@water.co.ke
  • Get a mobile phone kiosk Sasanet. Details at sales@sasanet.co.ke

Vote The Electoral Commission of Kenya has reopened voter registration from June 11 to July 10 for Kenyans wishing to vote in the elections expected in December 2007.

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8 thoughts on “Kutwa Tuesday (June 12)

  1. Anonymous

    The economist – i have been reading the economist for the past 15yrs almost weekly and i can honestly say that i have never seen a positive article on kenya in that magazine.

  2. chumviKiasi

    Unfortunately, this article is spot on. It hits on the major problems we have in Kenya. I often perceive our bury-our-heads-in-the-sand attitude as our biggest failing. Introspection is lacking within the country and we fall for our politicians spin far to often and far too faithfully. We need to admit we have quite a bit of cleaning up to do and accept critiques such as these as worth considering. They give us perspectives that we can use to our advantage. I do see the article as fairly balanced, while there have been some improvements, but there have also been some failings and we need to acknowledge that.

  3. mmnjug

    I saw all those pages of advertisements of lawsuits and Kenya Times was the constant in all. If Kimunya is willing to raise the Ksh44B from privatisation, then he has to do away with companies like Pipeline which is in a class of its own. I feel that KPA would also fit the bill and the Airports Authority. I may sound unrealistic but also the KWS should also follow the route. Its the only way to maximise the returns on these companies since they will be put beyond political shenanigans and made accountable to a larger pool if investors who want a return on their investments!
    click to http://assidous.blogspot.com

  4. MainaT

    As a Kenyan and for those with real interest in Kenya, the Economist article doesn’t say anything new, productive or illuminating. For anybody else, I guess it would be the usual fodder of Africa the dark continet full of hunger, civil war, corruption blah blah

  5. chumviKiasi

    The US Edition of the Financial Times has a special report on Kenya. The relevant stories are listed on my blog:


  6. Anonymous

    i wonder which firms handles GOK PR – coz in one month we are in economist,FT,vanity fair – by the way binyavangas article in vanity fair was interesting though at some point it sounded like a govt PR piece

  7. bankelele

    Anonymous: they rarely have anything positive to say about governments, just companies, trends, economies etc.

    chumviKiasi: a lot said in the piece. Thanks for the FT links

    mmnjug: I’d add KAA to the jar (who at least now get to spend some of the money they collect to improve the airports), but KPA will remain protected. It has so much potential, is making improvments each year, and only donors seems to be calling for its privatization

    MainaT: It’s rather harsh

    Kenyanomics: Nesbitt of Kencall was at TED where he gave a talk on the struggles hais company has gone though to win international customers.

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