Kutwa Tuesday: July 8 Briefs

away from the Grand Regency

– CFC/Stanbic merger/takeover formalized: As at June 1, the combined banking groups had assets of 78.3 billion shillings [$1.26 billion], deposits of 55 billion [$888 m] and loans of 38.9 billion [$627m]
– EABS Bank is now Ecobank Kenya
– Business Cubs: Bank of Africa will launch a small business Club for clients.
Going international: building on the success of Safaricom’s M-Pesa, Vodafone will do money transfer between UK and Kenya challenging western union on phone transfers to India, Turkey, Egypt and South Africa (from Balancing Act Africa)

– Everyone lovers Safaricom; with 90% of the shares volumes since listing, the company has been added to the AIG index, NSE 20 and NASI indexes from July 1
– One month after Safaricom allocations, and despite paying an extra fee (30/= for a CDS statement) and making several trades, no new CDS statement has come in the mail

– KTN joins the morning show club with Sunrise Live – coming a few months after Citizen TV and Nation (NTV) with their ‘breakfast shows’
– There’s a new relaunched Standard newspaper out today with new layout – but their byline For Fairness, Justice, and Prosperity is straight out of Superman

– Sweden/China joint oil search: Lundin Kenya has bought a share of the field assigned to China [Block 9, Kenya].

– Having moved to cut out travel agents, Kenya Airways will next offer hotel and car booking online at their website
– Rift Valley Railways (RVR) will raise freight charges up 14.5% and will charge a fuel surcharge based on average diesel cost and US$ exchange rate from 1st august

– Kenya has no summer or winter, but the high court has a summer vacation from 1st to 8th August

Questions from the blogs
– A recap of the Kenya Re AGM
– Has tourism in the Mara recovered in 2008?
– Does EDGE or 3G after all?


Digital: KDN and the ICT Kenya Digital Village are offering free connectivity for digital villages and schools: the program targets rural cyber cafes and schools – who are willing to pay a set- up fee, and share some revenue earned with KDN

– The Barclays Bond closes tomorrow (9/7)
– KCB rights close on 18/7 – so far only NBK has offered loans for KCB rights (up to 90% finance)

– EABL: logistics manager, governance improvement manager, group audit & risk manager, application support analyst, procurement managers (2). Apply to hr.recruitment@eabl.com
– The electoral commission of Kenya: registrar of political parties, internal audit manager, finance officer. D/L is 23/7 by snail mail
– Captains of B1900 C and D at executive turbine. Apply through info@xturbine.co.ke
– Film commission of Kenya: head of programmes, hear of HR & administration, head of finance, Programmes manager, marketing assistant, legal assistant, ICT assistant, executive secretary. Apply to ceo@filmingkenya.com by 18/7
– Keroche: distributors, area sales representatives. Apply to director.marketing@keroche.com by 11/7
National Oil Corp of Kenya: risk analysts, internal audit assistant, procurement analysts, supply analyst
– Executive director of the privatization commission which became operational in January 2008. Apply (through deloitte) to esd@deloitte.co.ke (22/7)
– Resources manager at the Rockefeller foundation. Apply (though KPMG) to esd@kpmg.co.ke by 11/7

Marie Stopes: deputy director of male circumcision project (africa) [location: zambia} and male circumcision partnership deputy project manager [location: zimbabwe] d/l is 19/7

Rhodes Scholarships (2) for Kenyans. D/L is 31/8
– World Bank young professionals program. D/L is 15/7

10 thoughts on “Kutwa Tuesday: July 8 Briefs

  1. andrew@jijinimarkets

    Loving the new Standard website. Enough Kenyan websites with no regard for good graphic/visual design and its good to see a change. Nation should learn from this and improve their design (re – pink, yellow, purple ads) and drop their ridiculous policy of trying to get people to pay for online articles.

  2. adam23

    Hey Banks!!

    No more commentary on Safaricom Stock by Rich. I miss his input…just wondering?

    Great job on the July 8 briefs…

    Standard – in my opinion is a joke & political biased and their slogan is even a bigger joke…Nation keep your image and content, we rely on you here. I agree with the comment on the “premium” articles though.

  3. coldtusker

    So the i-phone on EDGE is better than many 3G phones…

    Well.. Celtel vs SafCon… I am telling you, you need to switch!

    The KES 3,000 plan for unlimited internet is pretty good. And the network can only improve with time.

  4. coldtusker

    So the i-phone on EDGE is better than many 3G phones…

    Well.. Celtel vs SafCon… I am telling you, you need to switch!

    The KES 3,000 plan for unlimited internet is pretty good. And the network can only improve with time.

  5. coldtusker

    The price of SafCon fll thru the 7/- mark. I saw trades at 6.90 today.

    Well… could it be time to buy?
    (Of course, I might buy SafCon shares but I like Celtel… which begs the question… should I buy SafCon?)

  6. bankelele

    Andrew: I don’t see much difference than before. Certainly it is neater that the nation, faster to access, but no RSS and the archives/search is spotty

    Adam23: you should sign up at rich.co.ke – get a great daily newsletter and the Safaricom commentary
    – all the newspapers have a bias IMHO, not consistent ones

    Coldtusker: still on safcom, maybe if I get a modem, I’ll consider a switch. I do my basic e-mail, browsing, Google reader by nokia, which serve me well at night or when in the field or when shareholders ask too many redundant questions at AGM
    -1,000 p.m. for internet will be the mark to break, at a reasonable speed (maybe after the political cable lands)

    Proud Kikuyu Woman: nation site is definitely very cluttered

  7. mfas

    From your experience, how can you expect an original byline from the SG? Website is neat…

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