KQ still Boeing Boeing

The brief opportunity window for Airbus closed when Boeing announced that Kenya Airways has selected the Boeing 787 dreamliner to be their next generation aircraft. This means Kenya Airways will remain an all Boeing fleet with 737, 767, 777, and now the 787 which is first scheduled to fly in 2008 with KQ receiving their planes after 2010.

Pic from official Boeing new release

Earlier Airbus officials had talked with KQ management, arguing that it was better and cheaper for the airline to source planes from two major aircraft manufacturers – Boeing & Airbus.

2 thoughts on “KQ still Boeing Boeing

  1. coldtusker

    KQ will replace the 767s with the new 787s. These can fly all the way to Asia (Dubai, India) & Europe (London, Paris). Primarily, these are for the West, North & South African routes.

    The 737s to be delivered in 2006 will replace the older short-hop aircraft esp on East & Central African routes. The can also fly to Dubai.

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