KQ goes regional

As expected Kenya Airways will get some regional jets, the Embraer 170 which can be expected to serve Kisumu (once fixed) and other regional routes. The Kisumu route showed the preference passengers have for jets versus turbo- props.

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More investment news
– Diamond Trust rights are trading on the NSE
– Stanbic Uganda IPO open to Kenyans
– Mumias opens this month
– Is the Family Finance capital raising legal? They say yes, other banks say no, CMA says nothing

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Anonymous comments are allowed again, but are likely to be ignored.

-ve my hotmail address has come to the attention of some of our West African brothers such as Ibrahim, Isaaic More, Idris Musa, Adamu Abubakar, Bala Mohammed, Zuma Amed, Ken Ono, Kaburo Abu, George Watara who have all sent me multi-million-dollar business proposals of which I am yet to decide on.

23 thoughts on “KQ goes regional

  1. egm

    Looks like some anon dude beat me to the punch 🙂 Anyway, on the multi-million dollar deals, the Nigerians are no longer alone. I got one such from some Natasha Russian woman asking me to help out with some millions of dollars left to her after her benefactor passed away.

  2. Jakarumba

    Hi Banks, just receuived the Stanbic application, am plotting for minimum of 10000 shares. Whats guess on MSC offer price?
    Whats the risk of buying FAmily Finance?

  3. Shiroh

    Same here. Been receiving funny emails on hotmail. Wuz wondering how comes it has taken so long to jaa kumbe they ongezad the mail to 1gb.Can you buy rights for Diamond Trust without having the shares?
    Need to have a chit chat with you, tell me when you can be seen.Cheers

  4. Jakarumba

    Odegle, rush to Dyer & Blair. You’ll also have to open a CDS account with them.

    Banks, the number of comments link is not working.

  5. Anonymous

    So u won’t take up Abubaker’s offer of $409 Million? LOL… Come on broda…

    Nice info on the Embraer – Is it confirmed they will buy those aircraft?

    Their associated firm (Precision) is buying ATRs.

  6. Mitzy

    I just read how Victoria International Airlines’ inaugural flight from Uganda failed to take off after Kenya’s Civil Aviation Authority denied them landing rights at JKIA. At the time, the aircraft had been fuelled, the crew were on board and passenger luggage had been loaded! Passengers on that 7a.m. VIA flight were then re-routed onto KQ’s 3p.m. flight.
    KCAA cited a glitch in the airline’s request to land at the airport which needed to be sorted out by Uganda’s CAA.
    Has this been sorted out yet? If anyone has any info, that would be great. This JKIA landing rights issue is coming to a head…

  7. Kudrinketh

    Why do i suspect KQ’s hand in VIA landing rights issue.how convenient for KQ to have stranded VIA routed to their probably empty flight,i guess they did not have gas money for their return flight once all travellers bolted to the cheaper VIA.

  8. bankelele

    egm: The authors are hardworking and very creative

    Jakarumba: Kenya’s will over-subscribe that. Cheaper than Eveready

    Shiroh: holla anytime. I believe anyoen can buy the rights, if shareholders don’t take them all up

    odegle: Dyer & Blair only

    Jakarumba: Jimnah Mbaru is smart & scooped all other brokers on this one.
    – Comments are acting up, tying to fix now

    coldtusker: Zuma Amed made a better offer and I don’t have to send him any money
    – they will lease from GE aircraft services

    Mitzy: How sad, but it’s just a matter of time. Ethiopian’s knees were also capped at last minute

    Kudrinketh: countries still try and protect their airlines. e.g. Alitalia

  9. Anonymous

    kudri – Wacha madharao… KQ has been fighting for open skies & using KCAA to frustrate another airline will only backfire…

    Ethiopian were asking for Fifth Freedom Rights – the airline wanted to fly passengers originating between 2 non-ethiopian cities. Does Ethiopia provide the same FFR to KQ?

    I have no idea why VIA’s flight was cancelled. They are Ugandan so they should be allowed full access to Kenyan skies as long as they meet the requirements.

    KCAA blames UCAA. How does KQ come into the picture?

    At $69 (1-way) I would also fly VIA. Maybe next year?

  10. Mitzy

    Actually Ethiopia has allowed KQ to fly to Djibouti from Addis due to the COMESA open skies agreement.
    Legally, Ethiopian does have the right to fly from NBO to regional destinations like Entebbe, Kigali and Bujumbura.
    KQ blocked Ethiopian from flying to those places from NBO in retaliation because Ethiopia refused KQ to have flights originating from Addis, headed to Jeddah and Dubai. These are not destinations in Africa, so Ethiopia was not wrong.

  11. Anonymous

    mitzy –
    KQ has a 45 min layover in ADD. I do not know if KQ is allowed 5th Freedom Rights. Is KQ allowed to embark passengers in ADD to JIB (Djibouti)?

    ET wanted to embark passengers in NBO onward to EBB.

    Are Burundi & Rwanda in COMESA?

    Finally, isn’t ET using the letter (not the spirit) of open skies by blocking KQ on the ADD-Dubai/Jeddah route?

    The final decision lies with KCAA not with KQ. What does KCAA say?

  12. Mitzy

    @ Cold Tusker, yes you can board a KQ flight in Addis to head to Djibouti.
    Rwanda and Burundi have been and still are members of COMESA (former PTA) as well as members of a Free Trade Area since 2004

  13. Mitzy

    On the issue of the open skies agreement and Ethiopian blocking KQ on the ADD-Dubai/Jeddah routes, the agreement allows for airlines to offer passenger services to destinations within COMESA. Dubai and Jeddah are in the Middle East and therefore do not qualify. For more info, read the July ’06 Business in Africa article Kenya Anticompetitive

  14. Kudrinketh

    Who’s the beneficiary of VIA whoes,KQ of course.if it quacks like a duck,it’s a duck.

    Look at NBI-MBO route,they’re trying to justify the reduced fares eti empty seats.what a coincidence price reduction during fly540 launch.

    Look mjomba,i’m just trying to save some money when i travel and KQ is standing in the way.If they’re that good then let them face competition.

  15. Anonymous

    Of all the reasons about “bad” KQ… mitzy is the only one whose comments are BACKED by facts!

    I am learning quite a bit… are you in the airline industry?

    kudri – Puhleeze, KQ had the same deal last year… they offer these “reverse” deals… I know coz I got screwed as well earlier in the year!

    Nairobi flies to Mombasa en masse at the beginning of Easter & Xmas thus instead of returning “empty” to NBO, KQ offers cheap fares for the MOMBASA folks who want to escape the hordes from Nairobi!

    Competition is good… but truth is that ALL the airlines will do well over Xmas but it remains to be seen what happens over low season (mid-Jan thru mid-Apr)…

  16. Anonymous

    Mitzy – Isn’t KCAA responsible for granting the ok for ET (& not KQ)?

    I think both countries should have a quid pro quo i.e. allow KQ to fly ADD-Dubai/Jeddah while ET can fly NBO-Entebbe…

    I hope KCAA’s refusal for VIA is not political! It will only hurt everyone esp KQ if UCAA retaliates.

    For some reason I don’t think KCAA would make such a decision based solely to “protect” KQ.

  17. propaganda

    You’re right, Banks. Capital Markets Authority has formally approved the Government’s plan to divest from Mumias at about 6pm today. Expect press conference and details tomorrow.

  18. toiyoi

    Yours is one of the most informative blogs. keep it up.

    Hotmail: Hotmail has been generally against spma. gmail too. Yahoo is notorious.

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