Kisumu Rural has Kenya’s first constituency web site

Once you get past the header (that looks like an error), you’ll find an unbelievably good page – with info. on constituency leaders, campaigns fund, news & views, a district profile, tourist attractions, projects, demographic characteristics, socio-economic profile, HIV/AIDS constituency campaign, development fund and harambee funds etc. It also links to other sites, has an online forum and gives a full breakdown on how the 6 million shillings CDF funds and harambee funds (1.9 million) will be used.

This is likely to cause a stampede as other MP’s, flush with CDF cash, rush out to build the jazziest sites seen in Kenya, reminiscent of the mid-90’s when every company in the world was determined to build the biggest and best web site.

Hon. Prof. Peter Anyang’ Nyongo, (M.P.) is way ahead of his time. Can we just elect this guy president tomorrow? (Hat tip to the Standard 20/6/05 – not online)

23 thoughts on “Kisumu Rural has Kenya’s first constituency web site

  1. Kenyan Pundit

    His Ministry’s website is also on point. I wonder what criteria the local papers use as far as what stories they put on line…they seem to be omitting a lot of newsworthy stories lately (or do I smell a hidden agenda?), for instance the KNCHR instituted private prosecutions against individual cops last week but that didn’t make it online.

  2. bankelele

    the web site launch took place in Kisumu, and was filed from there as a brief (3 to 5 lines) in the national pages. I don’t think editors at the Standard are aware of what passed under their nose.

    Most stories that are extensively covered (several columns long) are placed online by both papers, and also the Kenya Times.

  3. Shiroh

    Hey, that is good news , Do you think one day we will get to read quality news.
    Really Anyang is ahead of time i hope the rest follows suit

  4. Chanuka

    Interesting read, good to see that there is someone making good use of technology… hopefully we will have all the prof’s turning the lake into good use, i find it still unbelievalbe that Kisumu has water problems given a fresh water lake right infront of its nose.

  5. M

    Wish he’d run too – but Kenyans seem to have this knack of picking the most colossal jackasses they can find for public office!

  6. Anonymous

    I pray and hope that other ministers will not respond by constructing the jazzie websites as mentioned in one posting, but use the web to educate and inform their constituency and the general public about their work.

    Congratulation to Professor Anyang Nyong’o. The idea of website is a good idea in public service. It should be seen as a tool to bbe used at this time when we are trying to kill corruption. It would significantly help us promote the idea of truth and transpiracy, as far as ministers and other individuals in the public service are concerned

    Ongoro Ongito

  7. Anonymous

    He may be ahead of the times in so far as policy goes, and I mean in the literal sense of coming up with idealisitc papers, but Nyongo is nowhere near being the peoples man. He has no touch with his constituents and if his most formidable rival was not pressed upon to stand down, with fake promises, Nyongo would be nowhere close to the August House. He simply has no chance in 2007 unless he learns that he represents the local people in the rural area and not think tanks in Nairobi. Politics is about realities in the area you represent not idealisitic dreams.

  8. Anonymous

    Thanks for Pro. Anyang’ Nyongo for starting the first web site for a constituency in Kenya. Thanks also for the projects you have been initiating and the way you are distributing the CDF IS VERY MUCH FAIR.

    We are with you, and we have our votes hence we will dicide come 2007. Continue Professor



    thanks once again for Prof. Anyang’ Nyongo since now we can know more about Kisumu Rural on a website site. Congratulations and we hope you will initiate more developments as you are doing now, The projects are well distributed and we hope come 2007 we are with you.

    The AIDS/HIV funds are also used very well. Congratulation for the Constituency Development Committee for the good work they are doing, you being the patron we recommend your work Proffessor.

  10. Anonymous

    Since when do child abusers and satanists lead nations? Get real! The truth will come out. One day!

  11. Anonymous

    In my opinion, frankly, the Hon Member of Parliament has done a commendable job, and we should give credit where it is deserved Kenyans, hearsay and cynicism will not help us in development at all. For us to help our honourable member help us, let’s move away from Stone Age feedback systems to constructive criticisms.

  12. Anonymous

    It is not enough to come up with figures albeit cut and paste from CDF website. Nyongo must prove the figures he has presented by letting an independent and reputable auditing firm confirm these. For those who are easily won over with well presented but deceptive graphs, go on the ground and see for yourself where these so called projects are. It’s about reality on the ground and not simple figures

  13. delessa

    First of all I’m happy that individuals like Prof. Anyong get to be in a position where they can make a difference in our continent’s future. Congrats to the Professor for his vision in creating this medium for people to put their ideas forwars.

  14. Anonymous

    Professor Nyongo once more has leaped a yard or two ahead of his peers. You may disagree but what he is doing is impressive!We all need to support in anyway possible. This is the right direction in terms of future development. We should not expect home made cookies to be ready for us without recognizing the cooks. Here we have a chance to all present suggestions and contribute effectively

  15. cynthia Ayoki

    If Nyong’o claims to be the chosen one, then why can’t he match to the polls, and let the ballots speak for themselves? Why is it that he fought so hard for a free nomination ticket into the August hse in 2002 and now (2007). Why does he need to go around threatening the lives of his fellow contestants? Anyang’ is and will always be a publicity hungry idealistic dreamer, with tons of theories that can never be put to practice. Please do your constituants a favor this time by polishing up on your integrity.

  16. Anonymous

    Dear Nyongo. You are not responsible for Rift Valley genocide. Why do you protect the genocidaires? Will the ODM be a government of just the western part of Kenya. We condem police killings in Nyanza and also those killed in Rift Valley just because of their ethnicity are also human beings. I am appealing to your humanity. Apart from politics. Does these killings bother you when you go to sleep? Do you want to leave such a legacy? You must condemn all killers…within and without ODM. If for whatever reason you cannot condemn ODM sponsored murders then you can atleast ask your Rift Valley colleagues to stop it.

  17. paul ochieng odera

    congrats Prof. you earned my vote for a reason and that is an appropriate devt. in kisumu rural and kenya at large of which your progress is comendable. thanks for the web.Big thanks for the offer of the bursary I received last month- you rejuvinated my amBition in academic life when my world was going grey,pliz keep up, am looking forward for more towards my coompletion of civil enginering DEGREE at the University of Nairobi due to end in the year 2012. LETS BUILD KISUMU RURAL-LETS BUILD KENYA AND CHANGE THE WORLD!

  18. Anonymous

    Kisumu rual university students association KIRUSA is questioning the bursary allocation in the constituency with key interset at Kit Mikayi office.Was the allocation fairly done? this and other qustions are piled up for you when we will soon be storming your office at continental building-please dont lock us out.

    paul odera
    Chairman Kirusa

  19. Auka

    Auka Ajwang,
    the road from kolenyo to Reru is in apathetic state.what is professor and his cdf managers doing about it and by the way could tarmacking this important rd up to Akado market be one of the wildest imaginations i may have this century? just think about the fish-mamas ferrying their stuff to kisumu via this route thus opening up Reru market in the about that good old prof? just thinking

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