Kenyan Vitalstatistix

Sample these common humorous quotes about statistics: Definition – the science of producing unreliable facts from reliable figures; 98% of all statistics are made up; statistics are like bikinis – what they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital

As Kenyans celebrate the open data movement of 2011, some in the finance and planning department of banks, and many companies and offices involved in analysis are probably lamenting the loss of one of the most useful statistical publications that the Kenya Government used to put out – the Monthly Economic Review from the Central Bank of Kenya.

The document was a treasure of vital information such as from GDP growth by sector, monthly inflation comparisons (over several years), overnight & inter-bank rates, bad loan positions, Kenya’s monthly exports & imports (numbers and sectorial components), tourist visitor numbers, manufacturing output, vehicle imports, Kilindini port volumes, composition of Kenya local and foreign debt, gold holdings, money supply etc. that many found to be very useful.

The last report put out was in August 2011, and while there’s little doubt that such information is still being collected, for some reasons it’s not being shared anymore. And this may have coincided with the shillings’ haywire.

The report compiled reports form diverse parts of the economy and published them in a nice easy to use format compared to some difficulty obtaining the same from the official Bureau of Statistics or having to wade through speeches of Ministers or Permanent secretaries for the information.