Kenyan Salaries

I feel that it is good that we publish salaries of office holders (not people) so we know what they take home. I invite you to post or e-mail known/anon salaries ( top to bottom, so we can get an idea of what is an honest day’s work pay. It amuses me that some expatriates and diplomats are paid ‘hardship allowance’ to work in Kenya (and they mostly live country club lives in Nairiobi, not Darfur)

I remember some cabinet members of the Clinton administration left after one term to join to the private sector because they had kids in college and could not afford to pay their tuition on their government salary. I believe, one day Kenyans will reach that point – instead of raising ministerial or top salaries (Gacharaing) further or turning to corruption. Top salaries in Kenya are rumored to be either Safaricom boss, Citibank Boss or the head of the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission at over 2 million per month.

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