Kenya: We Are One

This morning, KEPSA – the Kenya Private Sector Alliance had a meeting with business and religious leaders to revive the  ‘We are One’ campaign for Kenya at a time when terror and insecurity appears to be a growing threat to the country. 

  • Safaricom Bob Collymore spoke about an investment banker who was comfortable traveling to Abuja for the World Economic Forum, but not to Nairobi which is now considered insecure. He then said the perception of Kenya was not good out there, and that the recently launch Kenya EuroBond was oversubscribed because it had a nice yield. He urged Kenyans to focus, not on politics, but on addressing the youth bulge and insecurity.
  • KEPSA CEO Carole Kariuki urged Kenyans to help rebuild Mpeketoni, Baringo and Mandera by donating building materials or by channeling funds through the Kenya Red Cross.
  • Some disclosures & concerns discussed included political (and religious) leaders who speak carelessly on national TV or who engage in double speak before different tribal and religious audiences, arming of communities, and targeting of properties of some communities. 
  • University students are resisting pressure to demonstrate (throw stones) on behalf of politicians 
  • The police are doing their part but what are ordinary Kenyans doing to promote peace. They were urged not to speculate on facts, and not to re-send / share propaganda that is found on social media .
  • The morning ended with the national anthem, as a prayer.