Kenya telecommunication license bundle

The Communications Commission of Kenya has officially tendered the license for a second national telephone operator to compete with Telkom Kenya.

As promised by the Government, the license also included a national cellular license, which effectively kills off non-starting Econet who have been unable to get moving after three years (they will probably sue the Government unsuccessfully, further delaying the license)

The license includes: local voice & data access, national long distance voice & data access, national cellular mobile, international voice gateway, commercial VSAT and internet backbone.

Experienced telecommunication operators who have a proven annual turnover of $150 million and manage over 500,000 subscribers are invited to bid provided they will be 30% partnered with Kenyans. Deadline for applications is June 30 and the license will be awarded in January 2007.

One thought on “Kenya telecommunication license bundle

  1. gishungwa

    For tose of us who have to work with Telkom know how much hell it can be so Yaaay it was long overdue and while we are at it can we decide whether Telkom is a PDNO or an ISP or just define who they are its very unfair for others in business…

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