Kenya gets ‘Tivo’

Multichoice Kenya has introduced personal video recorders, allowing recording of up to 80 hours. Also, subscribers can watch 2 different channels simultaneously while recording a third and rewind live TV events. Cost is 51,000 shillings (about $700). It is always refreshing when a company promises and meets targets it has set.

The company is also offering standard decoders at a discounted price of 20,000 shillings, marketed around the upcoming World Cup in June.

8 thoughts on “Kenya gets ‘Tivo’

  1. bankelele

    Couch ‘tato: Not good, may need a bigger couch, and diversification from fanta

    Prousette: a bit pricey, though the strong shilling works to our advantage

  2. acolyte

    It is good to see that Kenyan based companies are doing more and more to read into the needs of customers!

  3. mashatall

    bankelele, does the National housing corporation have a website? need to check out their inventory of houses on sale, but could not find any link on google. would really appreciate it..

  4. BizKenya

    it is good news, at least it will solve the home disputes on which programme to watch especially with the world cup aroud the corner. They should reduce the subscrption fee, its too high

  5. bankelele

    acolyte; Company has been great for us sports fans, giving live coverage of almost all major worldwide sporting events


    BizKenya: M-Choice will only lower prices when suitable competition appears. But I expect home disputes to remain despite the extra channel

  6. nick

    u have no idea how this is so not good. ati u can even pause it…and come back to where u had left off….LORD GIVE ME STRENGTH!!!!!and prolly that diversification from FANTA

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