Kenya Bus monopoly ends

According to the Nation, some backroom wheeling, dealing, and mud-slinging at KBS was clearly going on before City Hoppa was given a license. However not many tears will be shed for KBS as they have been giving Nairobians a raw deal – they have been using the same buses for the past 15 years (with only seatbelts added).

With matatu’s, a commuter can choose NOT to board a matatu based on it’s age, look, noise, crew etc. – but now with KBS who run the same old buses. While KBS have the metro shuttle, it covers too few routes.

KBS will soon be using double decker buses around Nairobi, and it will be interesting to see Michuki allows them to run. As of today City Hoppa and KBS are sharing the Kencom bus stage, and peace prevails.

3 thoughts on “Kenya Bus monopoly ends

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