Kenya Bank Rankings 2008

Top 10 banks at December 2008

1. KCB (rank last year – 2) Kshs. 174.7 billion (~$2.19) billion
2 Barclays (1) 168.8b
3 Standard Chartered (3) 99.14b
4 Cooperative (5) 83.9b
5 CFC Stanbic (4) 83.2b
6 Equity (6) 77.2b
7 Commercial Bank of Africa (7) 50.1b
8 Citibank Kenya (8) 47.5b
9 NIC (10) 42.7b
10 National Bank of Kenya (9) 42.7b
Then Diamond Trust, Investment & Mortgages, Prime, Housing Finance, Imperial

1. Barclays Kshs 8.0 billion (~$100 million)
2. KCB 5.39b
3. Equity 4.76b
4 Standard Chartered 4.7b
5. Citibank Kenya 3.35b
Then Cooperative 3.33b, National Bank of Kenya 1.8b, Commercial Bank of Africa 1.7b, Investment & Mortgages 1.62b, NIC 1.47b

1. Barclays Kshs. 126.4 billion (~$1.58 billion)
2. KCB 109.8b
3. Standard Chartered 76.9b
4. Cooperative 65.9b
5. CFC Stanbic 61.5b
Then Equity 50b, Commercial Bank of Africa 41.8b, NIC 35.2b, National Bank of Kenya 34.3b, Diamond Trust 32.7b

1. Barclays Kshs 108 billion (~$1.35 billion)
2. KCB 79.3b
3. Cooperative 53.3b
4. CFC Stanbic 44.2b
5. Standard Chartered 43.3b
Then Equity 40.9b, NIC 30b, Commercial Bank of Africa 26.3b, Investment & Mortgages 25.9b, Diamond Trust 25.4b
Source: from published audited accounts for 2008

7 thoughts on “Kenya Bank Rankings 2008

  1. coldtusker

    I think NBK might be dethroned from #10 by DTBK or I&M (top 10 by assets) if you count their foreign operations.

    DTBK now owns 51%+ of DTBU & DTBT… then there is Burundi in 2009 or 2010.

    I&M Bank has 50% of Bank One (Mauritius) & are looking at another EA country according to BDA.

  2. Maishinski

    Kenyan Banks are finally realizing that there’s no recession in Kenya. Our problem is PEV effects, bad politics and impunity.

    In other news… K-rep results… what the? hmm… not consistent with industry… everyone else is making money (even standard Chartered!).. not a good sign… do they have a branch in the US or what?

  3. bankelele

    Coldtusker: the list is limited to bank asstes, not groups assets, in which case Diamond Trust, CBA, I&M are are way ahead of NBK

    Maishinski: true provisons are up at most banks as a result of PEV disruptions
    But @K-Rep has a managment issue, staff costs are more repsonsible for the loss than PEV

  4. coldtusker

    There is a recession (or slowed growth) in Kenya…

    1) These are 2008 results where huge gains were made due to SafCon loans. 2009 will see loan defaults.

    2) Exporters are crying coz lower prices & lower volumes thus lower gains for banks in forex trades.

    3) NPLs are up BUT these are not ‘loan provisions’ i.e. not taken against profits. Yet. As these NPLs get provided for… the effects will hit the profits.

    2009 will be tougher for banks. I would say the 30%+ profit gains will drop to single digits (industry-wise).

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