Kenya 2007 Bank Ranking: Part II

Return on Assets pre-tax profits
Oriental 12.33%
StanChart 5.37%
Imperial 4.81%
Bank of India 4.58%
Barclays 4.48%
Then Equity (4.45%), I&M, NBK, Credit

Return on Equity
StanChart 53.23%
Bank of India 40.58%
Barclays 38.73%
CBA 38.71%
KCB 38.45%
Then Coop, Imperial, Stanbic, NBK, I&M

Loans to deposits ratio
DBK 153%
K-Rep 114%
Middle East 99%
Barclays 97%
NIC 90%
Then Housing Finance, Stanbic, Bank of Africa, Imperial, I&M

Ratio of government securities to customer loans Government-friendly
NBK 284%
Habib Bank 237%
Habib AG Zurich 188%
Bank of India 156%
Baroda 85%
Then City Finance, StanChart, Equity, Credit, DBK

NPA as % of Loans
City Finance 132%
Oriental 116%
Paramount Universal 82%
NBK 70%
EABS 67%
Then Consolidated, Guardian, Transnational, Housing Finance, Southern Credit

2007 Provisions to NPA ratio prudential banks
Stanbic 33%
I&M 30%
Giro 29%
Bank of India 22%
Diamond Trust 18%
Then CFC, Prime, ABC, K-Rep, Chase

Staff Expenses good employers?
Kenya Commercial 4,813 (4.8 billion shillings)
Barclays 4,562
StanChart 2,492
Coop 2,395
NBK 1,495
Then Equity, CBA, Citibank, NIC, CFC

Staff costs/assets even better (paying) employers?
K-Rep 6%
Consolidated 5%
Transnational 5%
KCB 4%
Family Finance 4%
Then Coop, NBK, Housing Finance, Imperial

(Non-interest)/commissions as a % of Total income charge you for breathing air in their branches
Oriental 87%
EABS 61%
Baroda 60%
Family Finance 53%
Equity 53%
Then Consolidated, Coop, Paramount Universal, Bank of Africa, KCB

Placements (short term cash in December 2007) to offer as IPO loans?
CBA 9.4 billion
Equity 6.9 billion
Stanbic 5 billion
NBK 3 .9 billion
Barclays 3.1 billion
Then Citibank, NIC, KCB, Imperial, Diamond Trust

3 thoughts on “Kenya 2007 Bank Ranking: Part II

  1. FoodMerchant


    What is the definition of NPA? Non Perfoming Accounts? Is this based on the actual shillings ie, total non performing shillings/total loans in shillings or is this a simple % based on the number of accounts? If it is a shilingi metric, how do you make any money when 67%+ of your accounts hazileti intreast? Wow!.

  2. bankelele

    Ryan : Thanks

    FoodMerchant: Some of the NPA’s could be paying. Also many of them tend to be quite a few years old and have been provided for

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