KCSE Results are out

Kids are cheering and mugging for news cameras and I’m thinking:
(i) Why aren’t these kids in class? These are not their results (these are of students now out of school)
(ii) What really goes on at Kisii schools each November?
(iii) Will the same student ever top Standard 8, and then do it again in Form IV exams?
(iv) Private secondary schools don’t shine as much as they do in primary exams (or maybe they teach British, IB or other education systems)
(v) When did physics become an optional, not compulsory subject? Only 60,000 of the 220,000 sat for a physics exam.
(vi) One day, maybe in 2008, the Ministry will have a website where students will get their complete results, by entering in their index number and a PIN. That way, anxious parents and kids won’t have to spend a fortune making frantic phone calls to schools for results.

19 thoughts on “KCSE Results are out

  1. Kenyan Pundit

    Physics became optional after 1992. So did Bio and Chem (you were allowed to take 2 out of 3 science subjects). I thought this was a gift from God, and promptly dropped it.

  2. bankelele

    I had to take all 3. Sometimes I feel bad, that I was in the 2nd 844 group – we attempted hut building, basket making, sew tablecloths & pajamas, clean lamps, make rabbit hutch’s, cook (among others, all in standard 6 & 7) But hopefully, I can perform these tasks if called upon. Then in HS, we took all 3 sciences, CRE, and one optionals subject.

  3. imn

    i know a guy who was no1 in KCPE went to alliance and repeated the feat for KCSE and then went to harvard

  4. Deno

    Bankelele; had no clue u were a zacks of saz!!! haha hut building..wa meaning u malizad std 8 kidu 86ish sio?

  5. joy

    so what are you trying to get at?that you are a kenyan genius or what?Who said your brightness is measured by one exam?

  6. Stesh

    My buddy supposes there is some type of conspiracy. Do u know only 26% of candidates got above C+ ( fail them so they dnt ingia Campus)

  7. Anonymous

    seems like your little blog is outdated and you are misinformed coz i sat for my kcse in 2004 and checked my results online so wacha ufala!

  8. Anonymous

    I sat for my exams in the year 2000. Anyone with a link in internet where i can check my results?

  9. shiku babie shine

    wonders never end..some dude malizad high sch. in 2000 n has neva known how 2 check his results on the web mpaka now…wt r u?..some kind of incoompup….enyewe good luck with ur life tym goal(after high sch.)

  10. Anonymous

    knec is supposed to be of intellectuals.cant they develop an intelligent website.it takes hours to locate anything in this lethargic website

  11. Anonymous

    shiku i malizad school years ago and of exceptional intelligence,very knowledgeable as well.the truth is that, one requires all this together with other yet unknown attributes, to accomplish any search on the exam council website.dont you agree?

  12. Anonymous

    searching for your results on the archives of knec website?my friend mr anonymous,you are in deep trouble!!

  13. King Bishar

    ati a senior citizen of the net… does dat mean u r proud of it cuz u were born during de net generation… idiot

  14. Ernest

    Mr Anonymous, keep on checking for your results they are soon to be out. Be patient as you take time to learn on how to check for it on the net. I’ll help you.

  15. Ernest

    Joy u are very right, genius never go to class infact they are s odelicate that they need lots of attention and hence its never mwasured by exams.

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