Jobs with Emirates Airlines

Kenyans interested in working as cabin crew for Emirates Airlines are invited to apply online for consideration and interviews to be held in Nairobi on May 9 and 10.

Some minimums include age 21, arm reach of 212 cm on tiptoes, KCSE D+ mean grade, fluency in English (& other useful language) and some previous service/hospitality industry experience would also be an asset. Those selected will undergo training and be based in Dubai where they will earn starting salaries of $1,000 per month plus flying pay of $600 p.m.

15 thoughts on “Jobs with Emirates Airlines

  1. bankelele

    nakeel: you have the height, but you’re over-qualified for this job. When I was younger I used to think flight crew was a great wonderful job and travel opportunity. Now I look at them as flying waiters stuck in a tube, serving some of the worst possible customers for 8 hours

  2. sassy

    Emirates has a high turnover of cabin crews- the work is stressful and as bank says serving some of the worst possible customers.
    But it provides opportunities to those without a proper college education and work experience.

  3. Anonymous

    I guess its a good opportunity for dunderheads (read D+) with good looks @120 Kes. per month tax free.

    By Onyango

  4. chachko

    most of these people are haters, I have a degree (HONS) for your information and because my dad cannot push for me like a sissy to get a job in my profession in these leading airlines, a good way would be to join as a cabin crew then later i will have a chance to apply for a job from within. THINK!!!!!

  5. Anonymous

    Absolutely agree with sassy and anon, dunder-air-head and gold digging twits need to apply!
    I found out 2 days ago that a silly 27 year old sheng talking hussy in-flight attendant in Emirates – name available- has been trying to noose my husband of 9 years!
    The one with the Degree (HONS), find another career cos if it looks like a duck and quacks like one…it’s a duck!

  6. Anonymous

    I totally disagree with sassy and anon , they are just spreading the plague of captavity of negativity,in this days it’s survival for the tricksters. No considaration to the motive , the job is well paying. Go for it (HONS).STRATEGISE

  7. Anonymous

    I tried to access the link “apply online” as indicated above, but in vain. Kindly specify on interview venue or another link….please 🙁

  8. Gab

    PLEASE, help me !
    Did you get on an interview for Emirates Airlines?
    How it was that? The text about.. the most difficult tests about..
    please !

    Thanks a lot !
    email me, please..

    Im going on that next month, in Brazil, and I trying to get a few tips !

  9. Anonymous

    i jst cant believe u guyz can speak all this bad thing about emirates,anyway let the dunder heads apply as u call them n if they get they’ll earn more than any of u will in a year,panganga muache if u didnt make it to bad 4 u n 4 who wanna try all the best n dont get discouragd by Quacks!!!!

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