Jobs at Safaricom for Kenyans abroad ONLY

Start the journey of transforming your life, working for Kenya’s hottest company.

Are you a Kenyan student studying Engineering, Telecommunications and Information Technology abroad? Click on the link below to send us your CV and Contact details at

4 thoughts on “Jobs at Safaricom for Kenyans abroad ONLY

  1. TS

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  2. §anaa

    Hmm i don’t know how Safaricom guys operate but well over 6 months ago, i sent in my cv, application for this advertised internships. They had no courtesy to reply. When i called them enough times after being transferred around and wasting my money they said they never got my applications which mind you i had sent 4 times. When i finally got through to the human resources manager she had the audacity to snap at me in an unprofessional way as though i’m the one who advertised for positions?!

    If those are the kind of kenyan companies that we are supposed to go and work for then we will have a sorry future.

    No wonder kenya will always be 5 steps behind because they dig their own grave then whine about Brain drain.

    I think they just put it there as some sort of gimmick.

  3. GG - Atlanta, GA

    Aish, manze Sanaa you seem to have taken this Sameer think a bit too far. I understand you’re upset lakini just because Sameer snubbed you doesn’t mean that all companies in Kenya are like that. Yaani you’ve taken this snub thing and even linked it to brain drain at home.
    Sameer may not be the company to work for, and pole for your wasted chumes, lakini there’s lots of companies in Kenya…so if you’re serious about joboing in Kenya…don’t give up. Keep trying and it’ll happen for you too.

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