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@FlyJamboJet recently introduced some Bombardier Q400’s planes (leased from DAC Aviation) as they also increased routes to the coast (Lamu, Malindi, Ukunda) and other increased daily frequencies. What’s changed now from the Boeing 737’s they started with? JamboJet Q400

  • Better views. When you take off on a Western Kenya (Kisumu or Eldoret) flight in the morning, and if you are seated on the right side of the plane, you get an nice view of the clear snows of Mt. Kilimanjaro, and when the plane banks left to turn, 30 seconds you have the snows of Mt. Kenya. Spectacular! I hope MutuaMatheka @Gitts @Asayf or someone else at @igkenya can try and capture that scene and get both mountains in one picture or short video.  The flight is also lower and slightly slower than the 737 so you get better views form the planes e.g. clearly see the slopes of the Rift Valley, the Mau Forest, and different lakes (Nakuru, Naivasha), as you can easily trace familiar landmarks like the long stretch between Salgaa and Menengai, and see the turnoff as the plane makes a slight turn over Njoro.
  • The journeys are  slightly longer by about fifteen minutes, so there’s now more time to take one of the snacks – which you still have to pay for, but now you’ll have time to enjoy them
  • The overhead luggage racks in the cabin are not as generous as a 737 so more luggage has to be checked to go under the plane. You may opt not to check it in (and not pay extra to JamboJet), but at the plane door, you’ll have to slide it up a ramp at the rear of the plane and collect it on arrival.
  • There also seems to be more legroom in the Q400 than the 737’s, but for very tall people, the aisle may be better than window seat in the 2 X 2 layout  as the lower curve of the cabin means, has a floor seat beam which means you have an uneven floor.
  • For short trips lights – same day, or 2,3 days – take advantage of the daily parking from Kenya Airports that costs Kshs 700 per day at JKIA  – so you can drive to the airport and get you car back the next day for about 1,000, halving the back and forth cost of an airport taxi that is usually 1,500 one way. JamboJet also have shuttles in some towns like Eldoret that cost a fraction of individual taxi rates.

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